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Jan 1, 2007

Other Videos --interviews, etc...

Interview by TVP, April, 2012

Prawdę mówiąc - Rafał Blechacz: kocham grać na fortepianie (To tell the truth - Rafał Blechacz: I love playing piano)

Blechacz's thoughts on Beethoven's piano concerto No.4, video interview in Paris, March, 2011.

News conference in San Sebastián, Spain, on August 26, 2010.

From Chopin 2010 website, interview about Chopin, philosophy, etc...(Polish)

From TVP website"Chopin 1810-1839", video titled "The Winner Rafal Blechacz", interview, clips from 2005 Chopin Competition, performance of Concerto in E minor.

Interview and clips from the recital in Yokohama, Japan in Oct. 2010, produced by AFP (French)
(In English- - Fragments related to Blechacz.)

Rafal Blechacz was only 20 years old when he won the Chopin Competition in 2005.  He comes from a small remote village in the north of Poland. His virtuosity and his shady complicity with the music of Chopin were deeply touching when he played..  Since then his life has been radically developing.

“After winning the competition, I started my international career.  I had always dreamed of playing all over the world, but after winning the competition, I realized the dream”, he confessed emotionally.

Tonight he is in Yokohama, Japan.  Next months, he’ll be playing in Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna.  His program, of course, includes Chopin, the composer who changed his life.  Wherever he is, he says that by playing Chopin's music, he feels at home.

Interview and clips from rehearsal in Vienna, December, 2010, produced by ATV.

Chopin Prelude op.28-20, in Hamburg, 2007

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