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May 21, 2008

Tadao AOZAWA's view on recital in Japan 2007

Rafał Blechacz appeared in the first recital of Etoile Series for four prominent young pianists of Saitama Arts Theater during his 2007 Japan Tour. He played J.S.Bach: Italian Concerto F major, F.Liszt: 3 Concert studies, C.Debussy: Estampes, F.Chopin: Barcarolle and 24 Preludes. As always, he played the music in a sincere and comfortable manner. At the same time, he showed the will to try to explore a new ground.

Bach started with the resolute allegro full of propulsion followed by the exquisite andante of clear sound, turning gears to sweep through the lively prest swiftly. The youthful expression is really refreshing.

He added expressions effectively to Liszt pieces with his well trained and controlled fingering. But I felt a weekness in his limited expressiveness.

In playing Debussy, he failed to fully bring out the attractiveness of the music in terms of sonority. The rhythm lacked energy. He played beautifully but I hope he will study the music more.

When Blechacz plays Chopin's Barcarolle, it sounds like a song of a youth who is ingenuous and innocent. His Preludes are pure and immaculate; there is nothing unnatural. At the same time, he showed a masterly performance in bold and articulately changing the tempos. He also demonstrated an exhilarating brilliant performance in, for example, B flat minor.

I am confident that Blechacz, a gifted pianist, is now entering in the transitional stage to transform himself into a pianist of even greater caliber.

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