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May 20, 2008

Yudai MAJIMA's view on Blechacz recital in 2006

(This is an excerpt from the leaflet of Rafał Blechacz Piano Recital in June, 2007, where Yudai Majima, a Japanese music critic, looks back on the previous Blechacz recital in Japan in November, 2006.)

"Blechacz making remarkable progress."

The Blechacz recitals in 2006 Japan tour notably demonstrated his formidable talent. It is not too much to say that his performance overturned the common sense in Chopin music.

The Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw that Blechacz won in 2005 is proud of 80 years of history, turning out many great pianists who wow the audience with quality level of technique and musicality, including Maurizio Pollini, Martha Argerich and Krystian Zimerman.

Andrzej Jasiński, Chair of Jury of the 15th Competition says that recently the competition has put itself onto the path to return back to the original music of Chopin. This is reflected on the Polish efforts for the national edition of Chopin's scores, trying to defend its national prestige. It is not about going back to the past; it is about recognition of the fundamentals of the music.

It was Blechacz who fit exactly well with such a trend. With his tone highly transparent and sensitive in an unparalleled manner, his compelling, natural phrasing , and inner voice clearly expressed, Blechacz's performance evokes feeling of novelty. In 24 Preludes, in particular, he expressed a deep contemplation and melancholic feelings in a constrained, minimal amplitude. He was able to reflect on all kinds of scenery in Chopin's mind' eye that Chopin put in this music: sadness, anxiety, restlessness, yearning and hope. His approach is really unparalleled. His Chopin is of different quality; delicate and still dramatic.

When tracing Chopin's life, what is seen is nothing but grief. Has there been any other pianist who internalizes the grief of the composer into himself to express it so honestly than Rafal Blechacz? So much so especially in Blechacz's Mazurka that I shed tears involuntarily.

However, Blechacz's empathy with the composer is not limited to Chopin. It is already proved in the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition. And it is even more evident to everybody that Blechacz has shown tremendous growth since then.

How is he going to play works of Debussy and other composers as well as Chopin. My heart leaps up by just imagining it!

Leaflet of 2006 Japan Tour

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