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Jun 15, 2008

A Japanese fan talks on Blechacz's personality 2

This is another impression of Rafał Blechacz's music and personality given by Ms. M.I., a young Japanese fan. She attended the recital in Prague and visited Blechacz's home town Nakło nad Notecią in June.

When encountering good music, people often say "this music is universally acceptable", in order to highly evaluate it. When listening to Rafał Blechacz's music, however, I always feel that "his music has the kindness to accept all kinds of people".

In June this year, I joined the Blechacz fan club tour and had the same feeling that he accepts every participant all the time during that week.

While staying in Nakło nad Notecią, I was impressed by how Rafał behaves openheartedly; it was often Rafał who broke the ice to talk to me and make questions to me while I was a kind of hesitant to talk to him.

In Prague recital, I noticed some unusual mistakes, but for me, the performance there was even more touching from a musical viewpoint than the nearly perfect performance that I heard in the previous recital.

The hall in Prague had longer reverberation time. When listening to Chopin Prelude op-4, harmonic overtones sounded well. I felt as if someone were singing the melody and the voice was pouring onto me from the ceiling of the hall. How exquisite and noble the sound was! I was deeply moved.

To entertain the visiting Japanese, Rafał played the organ in the parish church and the piano at home. When listening to his music, sometimes tears spilled from my eyes. I also became emotional when I heard the background story about how the representative of the fan club met Rafał for the first time a few years before and how she had originated the program to deepen friendship between Poland and Japan.

Being compassionate and considerate to other people works wonder -- this is what I felt throughout the week.

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