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Jun 5, 2008

Review on Recital in Monfalcone, Italy 2008

The following is a review on Blechacz's Recital in Monfalcone, Italy on Feb. 6, 2008.

The original Italian text is already gone from the web.
This translation is only abridgment out of concern of copywright.

The Brilliant eloquence of Rafał Blechacz

Monfalcone, Italy
Feb. 2008

22 years old Rafał Blechacz is blessed with exceptional pianistic talent----which was ascertained at the latest Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. I was able to feel the fact that he has an outstanding personality when he started to play the first item on the program of the recital held in Monfalcone:Mozart Sonata K311. What I saw was a compelling performance propelled by intuitive decision with geometrical accuracy and solid structure supported by enough skill. I would like to define his approach as reasonable liveliness. Each of all notes is clearly expressed. This is enhanced by his way of distributing intentionally strong accents and using his unique agogics supported by outstanding touch on each sound.

Suddenly, a different kind of personality was crystallized. Perfect transparency and distinctiveness. Sophisticated passages full of brilliance without any ambiguity. There was a step, or jump rather, to Debussy’s Estamps. The Polish pianist didn’t have any difficulty to that change. But the performance lacked flexibility although there was no fault to find with his technique and style. But I can easily predict that this young pianist will grow further by deepening study of genre of this kind.

By playing Variation Flat B minor by Karol Szymanowski, he was getting closer to his age. It was an exemplar, refined interpretation and Blechacz’s sincere virtuosity was fully demonstrated in this piece. Then his poetry for Chopin’s 24 Preludes was demonstrated in a sophisticated and impeccable manner. The music eloquently flows and clearly narrates stories which were allocated in well organized manner. Sometimes a phrase unique to the pianist is inserted before pronouncing the next syllable. Poetic string is always stretched with dramatic strain. An enthusiastic success.

Review by Dejan Bozovic

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