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Aug 24, 2008

Blechacz and Alexandre Tharaud

"Blechacz's piano haunting and memorable--lingering potently in one's memory"

Bay Area Reporter of San Francisco as of Aug.21 posted an article where the author compares Chopin Preludes op 28 played by Alexandre Tharaud and Rafał Blechacz.
I have never heard the performance of Tharaud, but the article took my attention, because I went to San Jose in May to attend Blechacz's recital. (He played the 24 Preludes op-28 in that recital which was quite remarkable.)
The author describes Preludes (dubbed as extraordinary miniatures in the article) by Tharaud as causing a significant stir, and put Blechacz's on the other side of the spectrum.
First, he thought Blechacz's interpretation is so straightfoward, exactly reflects on what is written, but he felt it "got under his skin" and found it more haunting and memorable than explicit interpretation of Tharaud.
He says; I suspect I'll return to Blechacz's often because they linger so potently in my memory.

I am not an expert of music, but I think I know what he meant. I am the one who is "addicted" to Blechacz's piano. It is beautiful, comfortable, musical, noble, gentle, moving and...difficult to explain with words. But I would say that Rafał Blechacz's piano has completely changed my life (for the better, of course!).

Alexandre Tharaud

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