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Sep 15, 2008

Blechacz interviewd by Czech media

On June 4, 2008, Rafał Blechacz played for a recital at Rudolfinum in Prague, Czeck Republic.
On that occasion, a local media Harmonie interviewed him.

The original language of this article is Czech, which was machine-translated and I picked the parts that are clear only.

Just in case there could be a visitor who understands Czech, this is the original Czech site.
The site includes some ever dear pictures.

A small stature blessed with a huge talent

(Introduction of Blechacz including victory in Warsaw in 2005, contract with Deutche Grammophon;
expected to play for next year's "Spring of Prague".
Looks like preferring Socrates and Poato to blares of flashlights.)

Q What brought you to music? Your parents?
A Neither of my parents is a musician but since there was a piano at home, I was attracted to music naturally.

Q When did you decide to be a professional pianist?
A It was relatively late at the age of eight that I started to join the piano course. I was blessed with some good teachers, which prompted me to engage in piano seriously. I also played the organ.
One day, my father discsovered that I have the absolute hearing. I think around that time I began thinking of becoming a professioanl.

Q Are you a kind of person who likes piano competitions?
A I entered some competitions before the 2005 Chopin competition. (citing Arthur Rubinstein, Hamamatsu and Morocco.)
But I am not the kind of a person.

Q How did you endure the pressure during the competition?
A My teacher always told me to enjoy playing music.
If you really enjoy it, you are the winner. I agree to that.

Q How was the atmosphere surrounding you during the competition? Did you feel that there were many rivals?
A Of course I had many rivals in the competition.
But I had the strategy: I rented an apartment so that I do not see people who stayed at hotels;
I distanced myself from the media;
I did not listen to the radio, did not watch TV, so that I won't be affected by various speculations;
I drove back to my home between the rounds to take rest.

Q How did you feel when your name was called?
A The joy lasted for only a moment. Immediately, a lot of things that I was supposed to do innundated me; interviews, meeting with important people, news conferences, another meetings and so on. It was about three weeks later that I belatedly felt joy of the victory.

Q You are reported to love philosophy. Which direction or philosopher are you inclined to?
A Initially, I started with Plato and Socrates; recently, I have read Husserl's phenomenology and texts of Roman lngarden and theological aspects.
I already graduated from secondary school so I get private consultation.

Q Which aspect of Chopin do you like better: romantic or classical?
A Chopin admired Bach and Mozart for their classical transparency; I feel closeness to the classical music.

Q Which Chopin music is left to study?
A I managed to cover importand works of solo and concerto in preparation for the competition.
But I have some Mazurkas left; I would like to record Mazurkas in the future.

There is a report that Rafał studies philosophy at Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) in Torun.

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