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Sep 18, 2008

Blechacz Japan Tour Feb. 2009

This is the leaflet of Rafał Blechacz Japan Tour in Feb. 2009.

Link to order tickets from outside of Japan (Recitals)
Link to order tickets from outside of Japan (Beethoven Piano Concerto No.4)

Feb.6 19:00 @Acros Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall in Fukuoka-city)
Beethoven piano concerto No. 4
with Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marek Janowski.
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra page.

Venue info
1F/1,208seats 2F/384seats 3F/275seats
reverberation time: occupied 2.0sec.
Please click the blue letters link in the left-bottom (シンフォニーホールのご紹介) to see the video of the hall.

In the video, maestro Kenichiro Kobayashi, music director of Kyusyu Symphony Orchestra praises the acoustics of the Hall, comparing it to the oasis for people of Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is located in Kyusyu Island about 1200 km south-west from Tokyo; 90 min. by flight
or 6.5 hours by Shinkansen (bullet train).

The population is 1.5 million, not too big. Fukuoka is a socio-economic/cultural center of Kyusyu district.
Quite a few artists (actors, J-pop singers, etc..) come from this city.

The city is beautifully developed and the citizens are sophisticated. People’s taste is quite similar to that of Tokyo.
When a new product/service is introduced from a foreign country, a market research is conducted first in Fukuoka for testing, before it is released in Tokyo.

Blechacz had a recital here in 2006,
after Matsuyama (the town of oranges) and before Hamamatsu.

Feb.9 19:00 @Tokyo Suntory Hall
Beethoven piano concerto No. 4
with Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marek Janowski.

Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra page

venue info
2006 seats arranged in a terraced design,
Believed to be the best concert hall in Japan.

Blechacz played for the Chopin competition Gala concert here in early 2006.

Feb.12 19:00 @Tokyo Komae city ECORMA Hall

venue info
728 seats
A new hall for Blechacz.

Feb.14 18:00 @Tokyo Opera City Hall
Sold out as of Jan. 17

venue info
Ground floor: 974
1st balcony: 356 (26 in front of pipe organ)
2nd balcony: 302
Reverberation time, occupied: 1.95sec

Blechacz held recitals here many times.

Feb. 18 19:00 @Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Hall (Tokyo Cultural Center Hall)
Built in 1961 so older compared to Suntory/Opera City/Yokohama Minato-Mirai Halls.
Has been a center of concerts and theatrical performances.

A new venue for Blechacz.

venue info
2303 seats, 5-stories.

Feb. 19 19:00 @Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall

venue info
1st floor 1,044 seats
2nd floor 682 (with 126 chorus seats)
3rd floor 294
Reverberation Time: occupied 2.1 sec.

Another venue that Blechacz is familiar with.

Feb.22 14:00 @Osaka The Symphony Hall

venue info
1704 seats
reverberation time: occupied 2.0 sec.

Blechacz played here a couple of times.

Mozart: Piano Sonata No.16 in B-flat major K.570
Beethoven: Piano Sonata in A-major Op.2-2
Chopin: Chopin: 4 mazurek Op.17
Chopin: Polonaise No.6 in A-flat major, Op.53 "Heroic"
Szymanowski: Variations in B-flat Minor for piano op.3

Ticket info is here (Japanese)(日本語).

with Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marek Janowski.

Schubert: Symphony No.8 b-moll D.759 "Unfinshed"
Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.4 G-dur Op.58 (Piano:Rafal Blechacz)
Beethoven: Symphony No.5 c-moll Op.67

Ticket info is here (Japanese)(日本語).
I think Beethoven concerto No.4 fits extremely well with Rafał Blechacz, better than No.3 or .5
in that the music is about a dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra.
I have an impression that Blechacz has the exceptional ability to assimilate into orchestral music
(or he naturally lets the orchestra harmonize with the piano);
I felt so when listening to his Saint-Saens No.2 and two Chopin concertos.

As far as I know, it will be the first occasion for Blechacz to play this great concerto in a real concert.

For solo recitals,
He played Beethoven sonata No.2 and Szymanowski Variations op3 at the 2003 Hamamatsu Piano competition,
but number of people who attented the competition was limited compared to the current fans base.

Szymanowski, his compatriot composer, is quite important for Rafał Blechacz.
It is reported that he regrets he could not include it in the Salzburg program.

It will be excellent opportunitiy for Blechacz music lovers in Japan to listen to his powerful and moving performance firsthand.

I had the luck to hear his Szymanowski variations several times at recitals held in different countries.
It is the music that always pierces to the heart.

And I remember that every time he played it, all the people in the audience, including those who do not know well about Blechacz and/or Szymanowski, were captivated and mesmerized with the music.

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