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Sep 3, 2008

Blechacz's new CD was launched in Japan

Rafał Blechacz's new CD "rafal blechacz sonatas--haydn mozart beethoven" was launched today (Sept.3) in Japan.

After listening to the sonatas, it came home to me that this is how the instrument called piano should be played.

At the same time, the performance is a vivid reminder of orchestra music because of versatile colors he expresses.
I felt so especially for Beethoven, because I have an affinity for Beethoven's orchestral music. I used to play for the university and citizens' orchestras before where I played Beethoven symphony No.3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and some overtures.
For me Beethoven is a kind of music that gives me energy and courage when I feel down. I felt Blechacz's fourth movement (Rondo) is too "Grazioso"(graceful). It could be more daring and powerful. (sorry! it's my personal taste.)

(In his linernotes, Blechacz talks about the influence of composers's experience of chamber, symphonic and opera music on their piano music.)

Overall, his sonatas are full of confidence; it has no unnecessary frills; pedalling is minimal; still his piano gives profound sound; every note has its soul.

I have heard these three pieces several times; Haydn played at Amsterdam Concertgebouw on Oct.7, 2007 (via webradio), Beethoven (via webradio) and I heard Mozart three or four times attending his recitals in US and Europe. But I was impressed anew by the recorded pieces; what a robust structure! How exquisitely expressed each note is! Breathtaking reflection of sound and noble spirit of the player.

In the studio recording environment, I suppose he had different insight of how to play. Without presense of the audience, he may have had closer interchanges with the composers.

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to Blechacz's playing Saint-Saëns concerto No.2. It was quite interesting. With his rhythmical sense, I wish Blechacz will play Gershwin in the future.

His performance at Salzburg was also "interesting". Bold and with wider dynamic range than usual.

And these sonatas...
How resourceful a pianist he is..!!

"Versatility", "internal instrumentation" and "excellent sound architect" are the words coming up to mind now to describe him. I should find better words...

I wrote my thought on the CD without reading any review or comment except for the notes written by Blechacz himself. The CD released in Japan contained the linernotes written by Bryce Morrison and Kazuhiko Utasaki, a Japanese critic. I have not read them through yet. Overall, thier comments are mainly about the pieces, not about Blechacz.

(Blechacz's note was not included in the Japanese version.
If it is not included in the international version, I will prepare an English translation of the note some time later, probably months after the CD has been released in Poland and all the other markets.)
------------ offers better price for the international version to be released on Sept.23.
13.76$ as of Sept.4, but the price and the release date are subject to change, according to the site., a Polish site, introduces a summary info of the new CD. Machine-translated English (understandable).

This is the message to the person who emailed me recently to share the Verbier video.
The audio-visual quality is very impressive!
Let me appreciate you here, 'cause I am not for sure if my reply mail reached you.
Thank you very much and please keep in touch!

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