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Sep 29, 2008

Polish critics highly evaluates Blechacz's new CD

On Sept. 28, Polskie Radio broadcast a program about Rafał Blechacz's new CD "sonatas--haydn, mozart and beethoven"
where critics had conversations each other after listening Rafał Blechacz's thought on the CD which had been recorded beforehand via telephone interview.

I heard the program and I was impressed by Blechacz's fluency in talking about his new CD and music.
Although I do not understand Polish, I felt that Blechacz was really confident and composed and seemed quite happy in talking about three composers, sonatas, etc..

The program compared some parts of the sonatas played by Blechacz and other pianists such as Pollini,Richter and Schiff.
I felt that I like Blechacz's performance best (of course!)

My Polish friend says that the critics evaluated highly Blechacz's recording of sonatas;
even higher than the CD of Chopin Preludes released last year.
They used good words only: fantastic articulation, brilliant nuances, beautiful sound, full of joy, poetry, meditation, etc.
They were looking forward to listening to the next recording soon.

They said Blechacz's sonatas are on par with or even better than his predecessors, but Blechacz's piano is so unique in his own style that they cannot compare his piano with other masters'.

The critics highly praised Blechacz for such an excellent CD.
Blechacz said that he would like to maintain good health so that he can work in good condition and give concerts to people,
and he wishes the new CD will give joy to listeners.

Blechacz also said that in Salzburg, he was able to attend Pollini's recital and had an opportunity to talk with him, talking about working together in the future.

(Pollini's recita took place on Aug.16, the following day of Blechacz's.
According to a Japanese magazine, after attending Pollini's recital, Blechacz said that he was prompted to feel like playing Chopin's sonata No.2.)

And the critics expressed their joy by saying "Chapeau bas", meaning that they need to take their hats off to show respect to Blechacz's CD.

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