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Oct 25, 2008

Blechacz Chopin concerto No.2 with NYP streaming

Rafał Blechacz's Chopin concerto No.2 with New York Philharmonic is made available on demand
at NYP site until Nov.7 12:00 noon ET.
Please click on Listen now.

The Wooden Prince Suite
Piano Concerto No. 2
Symphony No. 9, From the New World

 Voice of a fan
"His runs are really like a string of pearls; acquiring even more beautiful luster than ever.
I am impressed anew by that the performer can nurture these pearls to that extent.
They are not grown naturally within pearl shells;
he has committed himself to cultivate and create such tones.
What an artist!"
(A Japanese fan; she is an illustrator, commenting after listening to Blechacz's NYP debut concerto.)

 "Pearly" runs
I associate fast runs,.., with typical string figurations where every individual semiquaver (16th-note)
or even demisemiquaver (32nd-note) is important and must be audible.

The loss of even one of these notes would upset the whole structure - like a string of pearls,
which makes an enormous impression on us because each element, each pearl, is perfect in itself, noticeable individually, but also fashions a harmonious whole together with the others.

Thinking about such phrases in terms of "pearly" runs is a means of avoiding a mechanical, purely technical, etude-like treatment of fast figuration.
(Rafał Blechacz - from the liner notes of CD "sonatas-haydn, mozart, beethoven".)

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