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Oct 29, 2008

Blechacz interview (audio)/CD review (continued)

English has been added to show Rafał Blechacz's remarks in the German interview posted on Oct.23.

German site "ARD Mediathek" posted as of Oct.21 an interview by Blehcacz (audio).
Blechacz talks about his new CD "sonatas--haydn, mozart, beethoven", the Steinway he obtained last year in Hamburg, and so on in English.
Most remarks are dubbed in the voice of German interperter.

The link to the Blechacz's remarks is here. (audio)(German except for Blechacz's voice)


Some parts of the report, which are well known to fans are skipped:
first, Rafal's thoughts on chosing the programm of the CD (relation between Haydn and Beethoven)
and second, informations on his winning in the Chopin competition.

... (first skipped part)
Rafal Blechacz goes in for a very personal exploration of musical history on his new CD and
with that the irresistable charm is described ...
(second skipped part)

Rafal Blechacz is an artist who has already shown in the USA, in Japan and in many countries of Europe
that he can and wants to do more than just interpreting Chopin.
At the same time he doesn't allow himself to be driven to flights of fancy. He still lives with his parents in Poland.

"I live in a village, I know that big cities like London, Paris, Munich or Vienna provide great opportunities to go to concerts and to meet interesting artists.
But I think I need the calm atmosphere at the beginning of my carreer to practise and to develope new programmes.
Here,I can work artistically at rest."

This concentration has helped the new CD.
Its appeal lies in soft transparency and at the same time, in intransigent striving for musical perfection.

Blechacz plays his concerts on Steinway grand pianos, but his favourite
instrument is in Poland, he tells starry-eyed:

"I remember when I bought my piano for my home, two years ago in Hamburg.
It was a wonderful journey, for the piano I have chosen is the most beautiful one.
It is only a small piano, no grand concert piano, but the size is ideal for my room at home.
I like it very much, because every kind of music, Debussy, Chopin, Bach or Beethoven, sounds well.
That piano is perfect for every kind of repertoire.
That is why I am very happy when I am at home and I can practise."

At last, the presenter remarks that it seems like Blechacz comes up with these sonatas by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
just like that
(if you don't understand that: it means it seems to be absolutely easy for him to play the sonatas).
 The English was prepared by Johanna, a German fan of Blechacz.
I feel grateful to her for the work, for taking her time and energy out of the busy schedule.
(She is now quite busy in her career.)

On Oct.30, Blechacz is performing for a recital at Konzerthaus Dortmund, Germany

here and here and here and here.

Mozart Sonata KV 311
Claude Debussy»Estampes«
Karol Szymanowski Variations op. 3
Frédéric Chopin Mazurken op. 50, Sonata op. 58

The same site introduces Blechacz's new CD (German).



Introduced by Julia Kaiser

In 2007, the Polish pianist Rafal Blechacz released a Chopin album, receiving much attention from the music world. Now, his second CD is available: "sonatas" by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.
Julia Kaiser knows Blechacz personally and portrays her first impression:
"The handshake is so female-soft, with moist fingers, that you say: There, no strength can be behind it!
However if you hear the CD, you are amazed: transparent and analytical performance absolutely to the point".

A musical-historical voyage of discovery

Another Polish pianist won the Chopin competition in the year 2005. The last countryman before him was Kryztian Zimerman in 1975.
Now sonatas by Haydn, Mozart and van Beethoven are on his new CD. It seems that it is not especially original composition.
However the interpretation by Blechacz has something so moving. He goes on a musical-historical journey of discovery.
The pianist presents the teacher student relationship between Haydn and van Beethoven in the order for comparison; he selected a very late Haydn sonata and an early van Beethoven.

Discovery of the joy of music miracle

The 23-year old Blechacz still lives with his parents in a small Polish village and needs the silence and seclusion as a young artist.
He want to build himself, to acquire new repertoire and develop ideas for new programs for the next CDs.
He is a very confident young man, discovering joy of the music miracle on his CD.
He knows very well how he should assert himself on the international market. He knows that Chopin alone is not enough and that he needs a wider repertoire.
And he has already begun showing this in his concerts where he plays the whole spectrum: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and also Debussy, Liszt, Chopin (of course !) and you will be stunned: Wow!

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