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Oct 5, 2008

Blechacz talks about sonatas in interview (Video)

The German site has posted an interview with Rafał Blechacz in line with the release of the new CD.
The interviewer is Axel Brueggemann, the commentator who had asked Rafał to play the paper-made piano.
(Please look at the story of paper piano here.)

Interview with

In a separate video clip, Axel Brueggemann highly praises Blechacz's new CD and appreciates for Blechacz's approach of playing the works symphonically based on the composers's attribute as heavily involved in orchestral and opera music.
Brueggemann's evaluation of the sonatas is even higher than that of Chopin's Preludes on which he said that it was not yet perfect but he was looking forward to the future releases.

The video and relevant information were contributed by my German friend Johanna.
Thank you Johanna.
I am pleased to be able to expand the coverage of info about Rafał Blechacz by getting supports from fans in different countries,
because the purpose of this site is to support Blechacz by providing the relevant information
so that more people in the world are aware of the excellence of his music.
(It is a pitty that the new CD is not yet available in her country!)

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