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Oct 13, 2008

Blechacz's Chopin deeply moved New Yorkers

I received an E-mail from Mr. Roman Frackowski, Princeton, New Jersey, a Blechacz music lover,
writing about Blechacz’s Chopin concerto No.2 with NY Phil on Oct.11.

...the second performance by Rafał on Saturday was excellent too

and the orchestra and the conductor were even more in love with his style,
his approach he demanded in his gentle and convincing way.

The public was nailed to the chairs, stunned with awe and admiration.
All this helped Rafal to create a grandiose performance out of the Piano Concerto No.2,
already itself a gem of Chopin's music.

Amazed audience gave Rafał a standing ovation, not only once, or twice ....

Many had tears in their eyes, including us and our companion who came specially for this occasion from Maryland...

Thank you very much for letting us (all Rafał fans) know that his final stage in NY was a great success.
During the time of his performance (Sunday morning in Japan), I was offering a prayer for him.
Your mail made me cry.

"Awe and admiration" is the terms that I think describes exactly my feelings about Rafał Blechacz.

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