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Oct 28, 2008

Marketing Blechacz's CD by Social Network Service

Another story stemming from Rafał Blechacz’s NY debut.

It's a story about a resident in Texas, U.S. is an enthusiast of Rafał's piano.
Recently she obtained Rafał Blechacz's new CD "sonatas" with his sign on the cover.

Did she attend the NY debut concerts? NO.
She got it as a prize by responding to a quiz posted on the Facebook’s Rafał Blechacz page.

The quiz is like this.

The quiz was posted on Facebook by a marketing person of NY Philharmonic.
(Facebook is a leading Social Networking Service: SNS.)

It’s interesting to guess that Blechacz went to NY for concerts, signed on CDs for NYP organizer,
some of the CDs were presented as a prize of quiz for marketing through Facebook,
and one CD eventually reached my friend in Texas.

She says; “I have been having some mishaps these days that let me down,
but now that I won Rafal’s sign, it will turn around everything.
With his magical power, I’m confident that I will be able to play piano much better".

I know that getting a sign of your favorite artist is not an easy stuff.

Congratulations! I think she was rewarded for her pure love of Rafał Blechacz's piano.

She has helped me a lot by feeding many inputs about Rafał for this site.

She also shared Rafał Blechacz's part of Facebook that a non-member can view.

Contents are quite interesting and I was amazed by the level of information literacy of the participants.

e.g. Interview given by Blechacz in Jan. 2007 was shown in English.
I found the audio interview last year but did not understand the Polish interview.
The interview was posted by a member of Facebook.
(The original audio interview has already been gone from the network.)

@ news conference Jan.2007 (←If I remember it correctly.)

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