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Nov 28, 2008

From a German magazine - Rafal Blechacz

This month, I have been up to my neck in work and had almost no time to do other things.

I received a part of the article of "crescendo", a German classical music magazine some days ago from Johanna
and I'm pleased to show it on this site finally. (Thanks a lot and sorry for the delay!!)

Johanna says that the magazine likes Rafał's music and the topic of the latest edition was Exoticism.
They have asked different artists, including Rafał, about their most exotic musical experiences.

Rafał says:
"My childhood was not very exotic.
I come from Nakel (Nakło), a small town with about 20.000 inhabitants -
30 km away from Bromberg (German for Bydgoszcz) and hundreds from Warsaw.
There was never much going on.

My family and my piano were and are until now my home.
The most important thing for me is to be authentic.

When I am on a journey I like to go into churches because I love the organ music.

And I like going to the cinema.
Roman Polanski's "The pianist" has deeply impressed me, I have even got his sign.
This is of course not very exotic, is it?"

The article promted me to remember another interview in which Blechacz talked about "The Pianist" and Polanski.

 She sent me another German article (interview) (weeks ago) which is quite interesting.
I wanna show it in a seperate page soon.

Universal Norway's ad of CD "sonatas", introducing three pieces (no review or comment).

All Classical FM selected Blechacz's CD "Preludes" as one of the best classical CDs of 2008.
All Classical FM is Portland, Oregon’s classical radio station.
The release date of the CD was on April 22, 2008.

CD "sonatas" - this week's give away offered by Kansas Public Radio.

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