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Nov 2, 2008

Loud-voice Japanese critic endorses Blechacz CD

Sankei Newspaper posted a short review on Blechacz's CD "sonatas-haydn, mozart, beethoven" on Oct.12, 2008,
by Koho Uno, an influential Japanese music critic/conductor.

Original Japanese site is here.

"I cannot recall an example that I was so amazed by a pianist in recent years.
I’m talking about a new CD by Rafał Blechacz, the winner of 2005 Chopin Competition in Warsaw (Universal Music).
The recording is a collection of sonatas by classical composers: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

What impressed me most was Mozart sonata No.9, k311.
What a fine and beautiful first movement!
With the comfortable tempo of allegro,
his exhilarating brilliant, charming and matched tones are enjoyably dancing about.

I have never ever heard a pianist with such a natural and marvelously even finger flows.

Technically, he is an unusually proficient pianist!
That’s said, he is never unexpressive nor monotonous,
rather gets perfect score for “sophisticated”good taste.

More than anything else, his finest sensitivity when playing pianississimo is electrifying
and drove me crazy.

Usually I like to listen to the music with the possible highest volume;
but for Blechacz, I lowered the volume remarkably not to compromise his delicate, exquisite tones".


Koho Uno is a music critic & conductor and famous for his straightforward criticism.
He flatly declares; this performance is good; that is bad.
He has been influential in creating demands for classical music.

Uno speaks with so-called "Uno language" which is not easy to translate.
For example, he describes Blechacz as,
"How abnormal his technique is!" and my translation for this is,
"Technically, he is an unusually proficient pianist!"

If I translate his essasy as it is, the resulting translation could be "abnormal".
Therefore, what you read is a mild version (but faithful to the spirit) of his review.
It is about the language barrier that I always feel in my job.

If I summarize Uno's thought, it could be,
"Ah, Rafał cool! This is the best performance I have ever heard in my entire life!"
but I had read in another interview that Rafał doesn't want to hear such a comment,
so I cautiously tried to avoid such a rough expression.

Sankei newpaper is a national newpaper, ranked 5th in Japan with 2 million copies as circulation.
(Sankei = industry and economy)
The tone is conservative.
The publisher is a part of the media/business giant, Fuji-Sankei Group.

The article was sent to me by a Japanese fan. 
(I call her Ms. Wiewiórka. She is a piano teacher.)
Thank you for always infroming me and supporting the site♪

 I created a "Picture gallery" page" with some links to the sites/articles containing nice pictures
some of which are not often seen on the Internet.

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