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Nov 5, 2008

"Newsweek" praises Blechacz's CD "sonatas"

Newsweek (Polska) has posted a review praising Rafał Blechacz's CD "sonatas - haydn, mozart, beethoven" on its on-line version.

The original article is here (Polish).

What is described is approxmately like this.↓

Rafał from magic world
The winner of 2005 Chopin Competition has accumulated more career
and it appears that his contract with the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label does not end
after recording the prescribed three albums.
Recall that in the first of these discs for 2007 was Chopin’s Preludes op.28
and the Polish pianist interpretation has gathered excellent reviews from the world.

The latest album impresses everyone including those skeptics who insist that it is safe for Blechacz to play Chopin only.
The pianist remarked in interviews that he deliberately tried to show a completely new page this time around
and therefore chose three sonatas of Viennese classics (Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart).

Each of them gives a different word, sound and mood.

Haydn’s impulsive sonata E flat major, Hob.XVI:52 is in particular stunning and pleasing.
The pearly technique, the ability to phrase and dynamics are so fabulous that it can exclaim
“Chapeau bas! (Hats off please)”.

And the way in which Rafał withstands the pause in the last movement
already allows this recording put next to the master performances by Sviatoslav Richiter.

In the early sonata A major by Beethoven op.2 No.2 (dedicated to Haydn),
he shows an astonishing imagination and extraordinary musicality.
(Especially in the second movement, Blechacz manages phenomenal colors).

In sonata D flat major, k311 by Mozart, finess and delicacy are shown but it is seasoned little by melancholic accent,reflections.

Rafał again activated the transmitter of his magic.
No way to resist it.

by Magdalena Talik

Talik writes more comprehensive review on merlin (Polish site)
English of the site (machine-translated).
This site includes a customer review written by a fan who is well known on Preludia site.

Dziękuję bardzo and thanks to Mr.Roman Frackowski and Dana for the information.

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