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Nov 29, 2008

Review on on Blechacz's CD (US, Ireland)

Customer review (US) on CD"sonatas".
The customer seems to be a serious listener, although her (his) pronuciation of Blechacz is not right.

The Irish Times as of Nov.28 picked up the CD from DG at its Classical.

Rafal Blechacz (piano)

Deutsche Grammophon 477 7453 *****

Rafal Blechacz, who took the first prize (and the four other special prizes) at the 2005 Chopin Competition, has been accorded unusual plaudits. Heis described as the kind of player who might restore the good name of competition winners, and his debut recital in London even prompted a leader article in the Guardian . Here Blechacz adds to the lustre of his reputation with stylish accounts of sonatas by Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart. His playing shows a remarkable combination of grace and substance. The touch is mostly light, always subtly graded, and the fingerwork as fleet as you could wish. Yet the remarkable slow movements of the Haydn and Beethoven are given their full expressive weight. MICHAEL DERVAN

I became interested in looking into the Internet for news/articles of Blechacz in autumn last year.
I found mountains of info mainly from Europe.
Fist I picked up something written in English and gradually reached out for other languages.
It was not until in April this year that I found articles from US when the CD Preludes was made available there.
Recently, a growing number of info are seen in US and other regions and I sense an "expansion" of his popularity.
Regrettably, Japan and some Asian markets don't make decent information on classical music available onto the Internet.
(language barrier..)

 I would like to be prudent in selecting the articles/news to be posted here
especially about audio contents,

trying to to strike a balance between people's wish to listen to his music
and interests (copyrights, etc...) on the side of the artist.

I therefore closed some pages out of the concerns mentioned-above.

(But I also hope to offer information to those who cannot attend his concert due mainly to geographic reason:
those fans who visit this web site living in some parts of North/South Americas, Oceania, Asia especially Korea and Hong Kong, etc...)

I'll also be careful about privacy aspect.

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