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Nov 18, 2008

"When I am at home, I play the organ for the mass in the church" (Rafał Blechacz)

World career and the mass on Sundays 
Interview by Monika Willer, DerWesten (German newspaper)
Nov. 14, 2008

A serenade for the Pope -the young star pianist Rafał Blechacz dreams. 
He is regarded as a brilliant talent. 

Since Rafał Blechacz sensationally won all five prizes of the Chopin competition at once, 
the pianist is a sought-after guest on the concert stages of the world. 
In a conversation with our newspaper, the 23-year old pianist portrays how his everyday life changed 
through the fame and why he would like to play for the Pope. 

The music scene got used to dazzling young pianists, who perform like pop stars. 
Rafał Blechacz definitely doesn't want to belong to this kind. 
In the telephone interview with our newspaper, the Pole appears just as shy as clever; 
his piano performance inspires even the most famous older colleagues. 

"When I am at home, I play the organ for the mass in the church on Sundays" (Rafał Blechacz)

"It was always my dream to do such a career, with international appearances and recording contract, 
Rafał Blechacz tells. 
"My life has very much changed since I won the Chopin competition". 
It is a new situation for the whole family.  
The parents accompany him if possible at his trips, also the sister comes along, so often if she has time. 

Rafał Blechacz cannot hide from the international interest. 
Exactly in the piano circus, it often happens that a career immediately rises into the heaven like a rocket, 
then crash follows just as quickly.
The 23-year old knows this, and he could be a burnt young star without prudence. 

"At present, I give at most 40 concerts in the year. 
From 2010, I want to perform even less publicly in order to study philosophy at the university of Poznań. 
I need this".  

Just as thoughtfully, the pianist talks about the works, that he learns.
On his new recording, he introduces sonatas by Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart. 
Rarely, such a young interpreter can talk so precisely about music. 
"I would like to work out the particular relationships between these composers", he expounds. 

"Typical Beethoven characters already are audible with Haydn. 
For understanding Beethoven, it is very important that he was a student of Haydn, 
that he could use his influx in symphony, string quartet and piano music. 
In the sonata No. 2 from Op. 2, many typical quartet fragments are in, the symphonic thinking becomes clear". 

"With Mozart sonata k311 D major, vocal aspects appear. 
I would like to lay the table that in this piano sonata, the opera thinking is perceptible". 

So suggestively Blechacz analyzes compositions, dealing with other arts is so important for him. 
"I also love painting and literature, that are very helpful for the music. 
If I develop Debussy, I see myself in Monet picture in order to grasp the atmosphere". 

From the world star, no pretentious attitude is sensed. 
The highly-gifted interpreter remains solid with both feet on the earth. 

"When I am in Nakło nad Notecią at home, I play the organ in the church mass on Sundays. 
And after the mass, I play for the community a small concert of Bach.  

Also from these roots in the homeland and faith, Rafał Blechacz has a big desire. 
"I would like to be before Pope Benedikt XVI, to play music.  

Original article is here (German).

at the church in Nakło nad Notecią 
Sep. 2006
playing Chopin concerto E minor

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