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Dec 7, 2008

Review on Blechacz's CD "sonatas" (Austria)

A review on Blehcacz's CD "sonatas" by Ernst Naredi-Rainer,
posted at Kleine Zeitung site (Catholic newspaper, cirsulation is 800,000) as of Dec.5, 2008.

The original review is here (German).

(What the reviewer says is approximately like this:)
As with his brilliant debut at the Salzburg Festival on 15 August this year,
with his second CD, Rafał Blechacz provides listeners with his very personal interpretations,
which are sometimes driving with agogics in his spell.

The Pole, born on June 30, 1985, with the four other prizes supplementing victory at the prestigious Chopin Competition in Warsaw in October 2005
catapulted in the international limelight,
dedicated his second album to the Viennese classical music
and draws contrast between the last sonata (Hob XVI: 52) by Joseph Haydn
and the early A major Sonata, op.2 / 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven
with an insightful connection to explain how great the influence of the mentor on the lad in Bonn was .

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's D major Sonata, KV 311, complements the sophisticated program
that the young pianist masters with an astonishing sovereignty.

Rafał Blechacz has a profound technique, but he's obviously not about his virtuosity to demonstrate,
if he deals with breakneck pace to Haydn E-flat Major Sonata,
which he plays with sparkling wit and sparkling humor.

He radiates enormous energy in his presentation of the second piano sonata by Beethoven,
where he consciously shows contrast in dynamics span, albeit sometimes with seemingly little stiff in left hand.

Blechacz distinguishes himself not only by his striking dynamic diligence.
You are more impressed by the delicacy of his finely shaded attack, the rich colors of his rendition and the pedaling operation (Pedalverwischungen) for the clarity of his incredibly precise, subtly phrased lecture.

When playing Mozart, his runs are pearly,
and also, the vocal and spatial approach proves in the Andante
that he can let the phrases sung with an emotional warmth to order,
that touches directly to the heart.

Joseph Haydn: Piano Sonata in E flat major, Hob.XVI: 52,
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata in A Major, op.2 / 2,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Sonata in D Major, KV 311th
Rafał Blechacz (piano).
Deutsche Grammophon, 1 CD.


This French blog is the only one I found so far writing about
Blechacz's performance of Saint-Saëns concerto No.2 in Barcelona in Nov., 2008.
What the author says is approximately like this.
(I don't know who the author is.)

....then after the piano was installed, Rafał Blechacz entered into the stage,
slender and so young, but already smiling and very professional in the attitude of the concert.
He offers us a beautiful interpretation of the Second Concerto of Saint-Saëns, Artur Rubinstein's favorite,
and for which I have always had a weakness
despite, or perhaps because of Blechacz's melodic facilities.
After four reminders, he offers us a beautiful mazurka, explaining how a young man of barely 20 years won the last Chopin Competition in Warsaw. 

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