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Jan 27, 2009

BBC Music magazine review on CD "sonatas"

December 2008

For his second disc for DG the immensely gifted Rafał Blechacz plays three sonatas from the first Viennese school
– late Haydn, early Beethoven, first-maturity Mozart.
It may not be an ideal choice for collectors,
but the results confirm Blechacz as one of the most finely honed pianists of his generation.

What is most immediately striking is the crisp buoyancy of Blechacz’s articulation,
reinforced by the upfront clarity of the recorded sound,
which has a characteristic ‘ping’ that suits much of the music.
The DG engineers avoid any hint of soft-focus glow,
but the resulting sound at times lacks depth and intensity of tone.

The playing itself is full of flair and charm.
In Haydn’s late E flat Sonata Blechacz is less regal than some (Brendel, Schiff),
but his playing sparkles with wit and character.
With brisk tempos he conveys both serious intent and huge enjoyment,
giving the music shape and driving momentum.
Only in the slow movement does one sometimes wish for more weighty expression.

The Mozart brims with joie de vivre (joy of living), displaying a classical poise and subtlety of expressive range.
And Blechacz also revels in Beethoven’s exuberant A major Sonata;
Paul Lewis (on Harmonia Mundi) may bring greater symphonic grandeur,
but Blechacz is more vivacious and playful.
His approach may well evolve over time,
but for the moment this is a young man’s view of a young man’s music.
Do hear him.

By Tim Parry
Performance ☆☆☆☆
Recording ☆☆☆☆☆

The magazine delayed in delivery due to some logistic problem.
It should have been available in late November.

Blechacz's DG site references a part of this review.
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