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Jan 16, 2009

Blechacz talks about perfoming in Germany, Poland

This is the interview that Rafał Blechacz gave after his debut in Beliner Philharmonie,
Berlin on Dec.20, 2008.
The interview was radio-broadcast on the same day in Poland.

Polish fan Dana has spent time to prepare this English version of the interview.
I appreciate Dana for her enthusiasm and efforts to try to let me and others know about Blechacz in detail.
I enjoyed reading the interview very much.
I felt as if Blechacz is really talking in an upbeat manner out there (^-^).


Interviewer:Q :Let me begin. Is it your first concert in Berliner Philharmonie?

RB: Yes, it was my first performance, concerto in E minor of Chopin
with Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and maestro M.Jankowski.
I have already waited for longer time for this concert and enjoyed it
because, because, because Berlin and Berliner Philharmonie are unusually important places,
unusually important centre of music.
I have enjoyed that three years after Chopin Competition I could appear here.

Q : Also very fast (short time). What is your impression of "on-live" after your perfomance?

RB : Very, very, very pleasant, so both the orchestra and conductor as well as the excellent public
who accepted me very warm, very kind-hearted and enthusiastically.

Q : So was it. Encore and repeated ovations!
RB : Yes, the ovation has already broken out though the orchestra hasn't ended last chords yet;
like Chopin Competitin, it was very likeable, very nice.

It always is important for me if reaction of the public is very positive because I always play for people;
their reaction cannot be complete, if it is remote from my feelings present during my concert.

Nevertheless, I always do my best, so, so, so to play the concerto
suggesting the public experiencing the composition
with the emotions that are inherent in it and in myself;
with my suggestion, I believe that the same emotions are to be inspired
inside the people who listen to my concerto.

Q : Do German or Berlin public differ from Polish or others in this respect?

RB : It's difficult to say.
There are always a little differences,
nevertheless I must tell that Polish public are for me exceptional public.

It was public, so I tell it, the first public, public
who accompanied me even during my struggles in Chopin Competition,
that, that, that are unforgettable experiences, unforgettable feelings
when you have a pleasant memory of Chopin Competition,
and this magnificent, so good atmosphere is thanks to the public, thanks to the friendly people
who are sitting in National Philharmonie, as well,

I always come back with pleasure to places which are connected with
Chopin Competition or my education
because my first concerts and recitals I had just in Poland.

I must tell that I like very much giving recitals and concerts for German public too,
for just in Germany the public is very, of cource, disciplined, concentrated,
I always felt it during the concerto that they really listen and understand, understand music.

It is motivation as well the very mobilization in order to perform music to be right (laughing).

They were absolutely exciting public.
I had a similar impression too when I performed the same concerto by Chopin
with maestro Gergiev and his orchestra.
There was public too who all the time take care of the tradition of great piano music,
which is based on the great names like, like, like Prof. Neuhaus
and later his outstanding students and world-famous figures such as S. Richter or M.Giles.

There really is present a spirit of great piano playing, a great artistry
and the public know why they come to concert and know what they hear.

Q : When you went the first time in life to the main hall of Berliner Philharmonie,
did you feel spirits of these great artists who had appeared here?

RB : Yes, of course, this awareness is always present inside me
that on this stage, the great Herbert von Karajan had stood and this hall is just hall of Karajan.

Here the magnificent interpretations of symphony had arised,
the magnificent creations such as symphonies of Beethoven or Mahler,
the magnificent recordings, which were registered by DG firm,
so that, in my case, this awareness that before me there were indeed, indeed, indeed so great artists,
this awareness stimulates me and mobilizes me to play beautiful music.

Q : One question yet.
What is your plan with German music market? You have rememberd DG a moment ago.
You are the second Polish musician who has recordings by DG.

RB : Yes it's true. The contract is extended for next CD recording
so that I will be really connected with DG for the nearest years
thereby also and, and, and here with this country,
I must tell that my concerts are planned for 2010 or partially in 2011 will be organized in Germany.

There are splendid concert halls, magnificent places in which you can perform your music very well
and also they are very important places because German market is very important to build career
also public that I've already mentioned about.

I plan the concerts in Germany but I don't forget about Polish public.

More time you can hear me in Chopin's year, so in 2010.
I plan several concerts in diffrent philharmonies in Poland.

Q : What do you tell Polish fans in Poland from Berlin?

RB : I wish already now to invite all music lovers to my nearest concerts,
already I would invite to the concert which will be in March, I think on 20th of March in National Philharmonie.
I will be playing IV concerto by Beethoven.

I hope that memories of Chopin competition will come back to life again
when I appear in this hall with the same orchestra and conductor.

And of course, I invite them to concerts in Chopin's year.
And in the end, I want to wish all people Merry Christmas,
in calm, healthy, snowy and very warm family atmosphere.

Q : Thank you.
RB : Dziękuję bardzo.

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