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Jan 8, 2009

Blechacz's teacher talks about her student

Another part of the interview with Prof. Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, Rafał Blechacz's teacher.

This segment is an excerpt from the longer interview (Nov. 2005) and you can see the whole interview here (Polish).
The segment posted previously also comes from this interview, however that part is not included in the Internet version.

For me it's gratifying that Rafał likes playing for people so much. He adores having full hall concerts.

(Interviewer: What does a pianist like? Ovation?)
Perhaps, this silence that block breath when you must keep a break or a fermata.
Perhaps this silence when you have ended play and audience have not yet come back;
they still are into a trance, don't make ovation, waiting.

I was at Sokolov's concert in Duszniki Zdroj.
He finished playing, fantastic and wonderfully, stood up and began bowing. I felt it foolish.
"We are sitting on the chairs and the artist bows to us.
My God, we ought to bow to him, give him a standing ovation rather than he does to us".

Rafał, when he doesn't play in a concert for a longer time" he could go on the walls to play* ".

(* Note: Polish idiom: When you like to do something very much and cannot do it for longer time,
you are very impatient; you have so much energy that you could walk on the walls.)

I tell him sometimes: You can give people so much happiness that it is your life's mission, your assignment,
you must do everything to fulfill this mission.
And he does it. And it is wonderful.


 She has also written letters to Rafał. When he went to Hamamatsu Competition (2003), she wrote to him:
" Don't pay attention to journalists, whether they are interested in you or ignore. It doesn't matter.
Don't feel hurt when public don't take notice of you. It doesn't matter, it has no influence on jury.
Pay attention to where you put your hands......"

At the end, she writes:
"It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. You remain the same man neither better, nor worse.
The worst thing is that you would lose your love of music if you lose and love itself if you win."

↑ It is a part of a seperate, longer interview on "Gazeta Wyborcza"(Nov., 2005).
You can see this here (Polish).


Acknowledgment: These interviews and thier English versions were provided by Dana.
Dziękuję bardzo! Thank you very much.

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