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Jan 2, 2009

"Born for piano" - Jacek Polański talks about Rafał Blechacz

This is the interview titled "Born for piano"
given by Prof.Jacek Polański, the piano teacher of Rafał Blechacz
at Arthur Rubinstein Music School in Bydgoszcz.

The English text was prepared by Dana (a Polish fan) from the original Polish article and sent to me.
Let me appreciate Dana for the big contribution.

"Rafał played many works by Bach at the Bach Competition in Gorzów.
Rafał received max (25) points unanimously from each of the entire jury.  (Rafał was 11 years old).

Hugo Riemann (1849-1919), German musicologist once said;
Bach is Old Testament, Beethoven is New Testament, Chopin-Manifestation but Mozart Only One.

In this way, I prepared Rafał's road to overcome alternate difficulty.
We played Bach and Hanon.
Rafał played Hanon without mistakes in dizzy times. He could play 10 exercises without blunder.
He held out extensively potential energy.
Each Rafał's performance excited delight.

He was born for piano. He has the genial hearing.
The boy of fantastic capability."

"Rafał's father had heard about me and one day he came to me with request to hear his son's piano.
My opinion was that Rafał ought to be accepted by the school at once.
From the beginning he already delighted me with his playing.
I immediatly held a meeting of teachers (the commission of hearing)
and they unanimously decided to admit Rafał,
and our efforts started.

He is a fantastic talented boy, diligent like an ant, brilliant child.
The program was adapted to his ability.

I made regular lessons to start Rafał's workshop. I gave technical tasks  gradually.
A huge advancement was made to to our work.

We played together Variations by Haydn : teacher-pupil.
Rafał has ideal repeated sound of sequences, even if I specially changed articulation.
Ideal! He has genial ear. He never had a stage fright.

He played a lot of works by Bach, Mozart and later masterly compositions.
Workshop, workshop, workshop.

He perfectly understood it;
always was very patient, always bright ready for the lesson,
while on my part, I was fascinated by his personality.

I had to work in a way to discover his inside (spiritual) beauty and the power of musical genius in the end.
Rafał absorbed all very fast.

The lesson with so great a talent is like clearing/polishing a diamond
 because Rafał is a brylant (diamond after clearing/polishing).***
Rafał was always for competitions. His performance was wonderful, stable, systematic, no difficulties.

We often had conversations about paintings, literatures and music,
 synthesis of arts we built on wider artistic image.

At the beginning of Chopin competitin, I believed that Rafał would be the first.
On the stage, he represents double personality - composer and himself.
It depends on the composition - its epoch and style of the composer.
It is artistic unifications of Chopin and Rafał's personality, Bach-Rafał's personality, Mozart-Rafał's personality"

*** In Polish there are two words for diamond:
1.diament=diamond before clearing
2.brylant=diamond after clearing
Rafał is brylant.

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