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Jan 28, 2009

Producer of Acros Fukuoka welcomes Blechacz

Excerpt from the monthly journal for the members of Acros Fukuoka (Fukuoka Symphony Hall), Japan

Rafał Blechacz will perform at Acros Fukuoka on Feb.6.

Japan tour 2009 schedule
Blechacz's remarks on Beethoven concerto No.4

His piano is "graceful", "elegant" representing the "true class" - the entire jury applauded enthusiastically

Rafał Blechacz -- I heard of the name for the first time in 2003 at the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition.
The arts promotion company that I worked for then was involved in the management of the competition,
so I got more occasions to hear his name from among my colleagues saying,
“there is an excellent pianist entering the competition” as he promoted from the first to second and upper rounds.

The result was that Blechacz was awarded the second prize with Aleksandr Kobrin where no first prize was awarded.
His lovely appearance with chestnut curly hair and the way he speaks bashfully impressed me vividly.
When lisening to his piano, I found that he does not easily rely on techniques
but carefully sings music and it left me a good impression.
The anecdote that he did not have a grand piano then and had one leased from Warsaw city
and finally able to buy his own with the prize money at Hamamatsu also gave me a favorable impression,
and I thought that it expresseed well his personality (which is deeply related to his musicality).

One of my colleagues was charmed by his talent in Hamamatsu.
(S)he maintained the contacts with Blechacz since then
and attended the 2005 Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

Behind the scenes of the prestigious international competition was
that many “major” managers from around the world rushed to the venue
to try to find out the promising “marketable new product”.
(Of course, there were some managers who are more conscientious and purely appreciated the talent of the young pianists.)

Once people began talking about the possibility that Blechacz may win,
a battle got started among the managers to try to win his management right.
(It was like a battle by goblins and monsters in an old tale.)
The result was that my colleague luckily turned things aroung for his (her) favor
and obtained the right to manage Blechacz related events in Japan.

Now in Acros Fukuoka, Blechacz is going to perform piano concerto No. 4 by Beethoven.
It is one of the masterpieces of the composer with light, elegant and refreshing features
compared to his other grave and serious pieces.
I believe that the selection fits extremely well with musicality and personality of Blechacz,
and I’m really looking forward to the performance.

Blechacz’s victory at the Chopin competition, synonymous to Poland was for the first time in 30 years since Krystian Zimerman.
His predecessor will appear at Acros Fukuoka in May this year.
People say that the gracefulness of Blechacz is a common attribute with Zimerman.

I strongly recommend that you will enjoy both of the performances by these excellent pianists;
the master and the new star from Poland.

By Tatsuhiko Komaki, Producer of Acros Fukuoka

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