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Feb 9, 2009

"Blechaczian" Beethoven and romantic Rafal

“I have never heard such piano sounds",
said my husband after attending the concert by Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and Rafał Blechacz
at Tokyo Suntory Hall on Feb.9

“Blehcacz’s piano was tender, affectionate and delicate; the orchestra was heartwarming and profound.
It was the best combination”.

He heard Blechacz’s piano for the first time in a live concert.
He says;
“It is the type of piano sound that Japanese love.
And he is the type of pianist that Japanese love; gentle, noble, well-mannered.
If he is focused on Japan as a target market, I think he is right.
Probably he is more effective in live performance rather than in studio.”
(My husband has a knowlege about marketing.)

My impression was that Blechacz’s Beethoven concerto No.4 was different from the performance in Fukuoka.
It was more “Blechaczian” with his exquisite, fine-drawn sounds more prevailing.
All the pianissimos had “life”.
The romantic aspect was more emphasized today.
(My personal impression. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
He may have received more inspiration from Chopin tonight(?)
I like both type of performances. (Of course!)

Encore: Chopin prelude op28-4,
touching people's heartstrings.

I found the blog written by a male business person talking about the encore,
“Blechacz was in a state of divine possession when playing the final three chords”.

This person says that the composition of the audience was orchestra fans 80% and Blechacz fans 20%.
He heard some saying,"Who is Blechacz?"
I have no idea about this estimate, but if he is correct,
I believe that the concert gave many people who had not known about Blechacz
to be strongly impressed by his noble and beautiful performance.

Actually, I could not get the total picture of the audience of the day,
busy in talking with one acquaintance after another (←passionate fans of Blechacz)
before the start of performance and during the intermission.

Next time Blechacz performs Beethoven concerto No.4 will be in Warsaw
with Warsaw Philharmony Orchestra directed by Antoni Wit on March 20 and 21.

Let me add that Schubert “the Unfinished” and Beethoven’s 5th symphony
as well as two encores (Beethoven Symphony No.8 2nd movement and Schubert Rosamunde)
by Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra were really really great.

Autographic session at Tokyo Suntory Hall
Feb.9, 2009

Thank you very very much, Rafał Blechacz, maestro Janowski and Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra.

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