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Feb 10, 2009

Family, teachers, friends and prayer

Yesterday, Rafał Blechacz performed at Tokyo Suntory Hall.
It was the second time that he appeared in the hall.
His first appearance here was in January, 2006
for the Chopin Competition Gala concert.
Blechacz and other awardees from Japan performed here.

While he was in Japan in Jan.2006, the following reportage was broadcast in Poland
in which his mother and sister gave interviews.

Please watch the video clip of the reportage.
Please see the first seven minutes of the video.
My Polish friend Dana has offered a brief description of the contents.
(Thanks!! as always)

(Note. I was informed that this video streaming service is not available in the U.S.
It depends on the countries.
In Japan and Poland, it is O.K. I received favorable responses from fans and others,
especially about his sister's story.)

↑ I found that this content was removed from the site. (April 1, 2009) 


(At Blechacz's home)
Rafał's room is different from young people of the same age.
Among CDs, there are no heavy metal and pop music.
And the books are; biographies of Chopin, Mozart, Rubinstein and J.Paul II.

-Rafał is a complete, normal, beloved kid and he sometimes mopped dusts
because he is allergic and can clean only with wet way.

(Later at his elementary school, secondary school and two music school in Bydgoszcz);
Director E.Staporek-Pospiech says Rafał would stand out and always played differently from others;
for example, his interpretation of Bach was exceptionally excellent.

Popowa-Zydroń says the journey in world of music with Rafał was a very big pleasure.
He is unaverage in an extreme way.

Paulina (his sister) lives with Rafał and they are normal brother and sister.
She says they sometimes have a quarrel, fight each other.
Two years ago during a fight, she knocked out Rafał's finger.
After the Chopin Competition, they had an appointment with the minister
(of the relevant department, maybe of culture?)
and when she told him about the incident,
the minister said that she could have changed the course of Polish history.

What Rafał's mother says is also interesting.
When Rafał was a little kid, he drew an organ on the paper, put it up inside the door of cabinet
and played music that he heard at church on the small electric organ.
It was a real mass that we had at home then.- laughs Mrs. Blechacz.

When Rafał was playing concerto on the last day of the Chopin Competition,
his friends and others prayed together at church for him.
They heard the concerto later.

Mrs. Blechacz said that they felt this spiritual help at the philharmonic.
God and Chopin were out there to help Rafał. 


 Before Rafał Blechacz began his Japan tour early this month,
I received e-mails from Polish fans (including Dana),
offering a wish and a prayer for his success in the Japan tour.
May thier prayers be heard!

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