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Feb 21, 2009

Influential paper praises Blechacz's Beethoven (Asahi Newspaper's on-line English version) dated Feb.20 posted a review
on the concert by Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
at Tokyo Suntory Hall on Feb.12, 2009,
written by Ms. Makiko Noda.

Rafał Blechacz performed Beethoven piano concerto No.4 with the orchestra on that day.
The following is the excerpt of the review related to Blechacz.

...."But things changed completely the moment the orchestra started on Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4.

Strings, particularly viola, cello and double bass, confidently asserted themselves.
A surprisingly masculine sound came from solo pianist Rafal Blechacz,
instantly erasing any apprehension about Beethoven being played by a Chopin specialist.

The concerto's brief second movement was perhaps one of the highlights of the night.

Dialogue between the solo piano and the strings in this peculiar and strangely quaint movement
was beautifully performed.

In the unusually fast finale movement, the soloist gallantly took up the challenge
and succeeded in keeping the music intact until the end".

**The Asahi Newspaper is the second most circulated out of the five national newspapers in Japan.
Its circulation is 8 million for its morning edition and 4 million for its evening edition.
The newspaper has alliances with the International Herald Tribune, US.

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