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Feb 19, 2009

Ultra-super performance enchanted Yokohamans

On Feb.19, Rafał Blechacz held fourth recital in Japan at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall.

The performance was (super)X3 = ultra-super excellent.
It is a consensus-based expression after I talked with ten or fifteen attendants
while waiting in the line for Blechacz’s autograph.

Every note was purely audible, glittering and permeated into the public's hearts.
He was bolder than usual and enjoyed freedom of performing on his own way.
(It reminded me of his performance at Salzburg.)

Today's audience was typical fans of Rafał Blechacz and quite supportive.
The atmosphere was different from yesterday.

The audience and the performer were already united from the very beginning.

The first bravo was heard after Beethoven. (Yes, today’s Beethoven was even more fabulous than ever.)

On finishing Szymanowski, Blechacz raised his fists a little in triumph (it’s very rare, isn’t it?)

No way of stopping the applause.
The public kept applauding warmly, some standing.
Blehcacz happily looked around all. Appeared onto the stage again and again.
Blechacz returned the audience with three encores.

It was absolutely the best recital performance in the current Japan Tour.

Blechacz's last recital in Japan will be on Feb.22 at The Symphony Hall in Osaka.

My best friend Peko-chan (top conference interpreper) attended Blechacz's concert
for the first time with her seven year old daughter.
She left the hall without joining the autographic session
but before leaving, she said to me,

"Tonight, I really understood how you feel about Rafał-san
and why you support him so enthusiastically.

He is Raphael. The real archangel.
Actually, I was able to see the wings on his back.

He is a very different kind of person from the ordinary people.
That's the reason why his piano is so differentiating and touching."

 You can read the story about how his parents named their baby Rafał.
(the international name is Raphael : name of one of the archangles, meaning "God has healed".)


TPV Kultura will broadcast Blechacz's Chopin concerto No.1 in E minor
on Feb.20 at 18:15 (Poland local time).

Time table of TPV

A Japanese fan living overseas informed me of this program.
Thank you for the info, as always!

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