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Feb 12, 2009

We were enthralled by his charm♪ Blechacz in Tokyo

Fantastic piano performance and enthusiastic and loving audience.

We wanted to listen more, applause was getting bigger, some standing, others crying bravo,
but Blechacz’s first recital at Ecorma Hall in Tokyo on Feb.12 was ended forcefully
when the organizer turned on lighting of the audience after he played ONLY two encores.
(In his previous recitals in Japan in 2007, he was allowed to play three or four encores.)

Soon, the autographic session started.
People lined. Really long line.
I have never seen such a long line of passionate people for a pianist recital.
The atmosphere was more enthusiastic than the one I saw
when Yundi Li held an autographic session after the concerto by Prokofiev
at Suntory Hall in June last year.)


Recital Program:
Mozart: Piano Sonata No.16 in B-flat major K.570
Beethoven: Piano Sonata in A-major Op.2-2
Chopin: Chopin: 4 mazurek Op.17
Chopin: Polonaise No.6 in A-flat major, Op.53 "Heroic"
Szymanowski: Variations in B-flat Minor for piano op.3

Chopin Prelude op28-4
and Mazurka op56-2


I was with five friends who attended Blechacz’s recital for the first time.

“He plays each of all notes conscientiously.
Wonderful pianist.
Now I understand why you support him so enthusiastically.”
(K.K, conference interpreter & pianist & piano teacher)

“His Szymanowski was superb!
Thank you very much for letting me know about him.”
(A.K, conference interpreter; studied at The Julliard when she was young.)

“I feel very happy to be here.
I wanted to let my daughter contact with beautiful music.”
(A.S, conference interpreter, coming with her 10 year-old daughter.)

“Finally, I could listen to Rafał-san.
So pleased and impressed.
(K.H, Japanese resident of Missouri, US since three months ago;
before that, she lived in Gdańsk, Poland but had no chance to hear Blechacz first-hand.)

Talking about Szymanowski, I was told by fans in Germany and U.S.
that Blechacz's debut CD "Piano Recital" which contains Szymanowski variations op.3
is not available any more.
(In US. premium price has to be paid ; quite expensive.)

So, I told my friend who said that Szymanowski was superb to try to obtain the CD now.
(In Japan, it's available with a slight premium price.)

Not only Szymanowski, but also others - Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin were super.
I love his robust Beethoven sonata among other things.
It's amazing that he expresses so wide a variety of sounds with a single instrument;
sometimes it was sypmphonic; sometimes I felt as if enjoying chamber music.
The Mozart (k570) - the first piece he played in public (in Japan at least) was charming and serene.
I love it in the same manner as I love k311.

 I'm posting a review by Mr.A.K, head of Blechacz Japan Fan Club.
as I get it from him.

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