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Mar 20, 2009

Blechacz playing in Cologne (Video) (German)

Blechacz's performance can be seen in this German link.
It is a mini-documentary to show Blechacz's past, present and future.

The same video on Youtube.

I suppose the video footage was taken at his recital in Cologne, Germany
on March 15, 2009 for promotional purpose.

Blechacz answers some questions (his remarkes are voiced-over by German translation)
and interacts with the audience at the autographic session.

I was impressed by the first few seconds, when he plays Chopin Ballade No.3.
He performed this piece in Japan in 2006 and I felt he has made a renewed remarkable refinement.
He is really a resilient and resourceful pianist in my impression.

The pieces that are included partially in the video footage:

Chopin Ballad No.3 (Cologne)
Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie
Chopin Concerto No.1 2nd movement (Chopin competition)
Moszkowsky enticelles (artist room?)
Bach Italian concerto 3rd movement
Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie

In between, he answers to the presenter saying that for him music is language
and his life unprecedentedly changed after the Chopin competition.

He describes his second CD sonatas by classical composers;
he says he had listened to many symphonies by Beethoven and operas by Mozart
and this was useful for his interpretations when playing their piano sonatas.

He also says he is interested in studies of aesthetics, philosophy of music,
and it is useful for understanding music better and for playing, his job.

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