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Mar 20, 2009

Blechacz showed maturity - Rzeczpospolita (Poland)

Polish paper Rzeczpospolita posted on its website
the impression on Rafał Blechacz's Beethoven concerto No.4 on March 19, 2009 in Warsaw.

Original review (Polish)


(↓English for paragraphs related Blechacz.)

Rafał Blechacz reached manhood

by Jacek Marczynski 20-03-2009,

Performance in Warsaw yesterday proved that this pianist is a matured artist.

He is no longer the same boy, who was dazzled by the victory at the Chopin Competition with youthful enthusiasm three years ago.
Anxiously waiting for long, the Warsaw audience was finally able to meet Rafał Blechacz who chose Beethoven concert No.4.
The same program is scheduled also today (March 20).

It was a very thoughtful interpretation.
No impulsive trial for an effective virtuosity was made.
And if the beginning of the concerto may not seem impressive enough,
after a while the impression was receded.

Rafał Blechacz read the work of Beethoven thoroughly to clearly show what is the most important:
to elaborate interlacing threads of the classical and romantic music.

As Antoni Wit led the National Philharmonic orchestra imposing his own way of narration,
he was a vigilant subordinated soloist.

The music sounded great dialogues in the song of the second movement.
Blechacz played blamelessly supported by unrestrained technique.

He beautifully managed to keep a balance between the right and left hands.
This perfection is not an objective itself but it served to achieve the intended purpose.

The audience came to listen Blechacz, but Antoni Wit made its surprise, recalling forgotten "Cantata on the death of Emperor Joseph II", composed by 20-year-old Beethoven....



Opferlied ("Die Flamme lodert") op 121, for voice, choir and orchestra
Cantata on the death of Emperor Joseph II for voices, choir and orchestra
Piano concerto No.4

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