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Mar 25, 2009

Blechacz's Chopin in Berlin (by Czech media)

Czech magazine Harmonie, February 2009 edition
has posted reviews on two concerts on December 20, 2008,

by Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marek Janowski,
including Chopin piano concerto No.1 with Rafał Blechacz as a soloist, and
by Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta,

written by Henry Bálek.

Original review (Czech)

Title is "Yong Blechacz and aging Mehta".

Excerpt of parts related to Blechacz:

Blechacz has begun studying philosophy and will have tests until the date
that originally Chopin concerto No.1 for this year's "Spring of Prague" had been planned.

However, this remarkable young man played the concerto on the 20th of December last year
in Berlin with the local Radio Orchestra under the baton of Marek Janowski.

Blechacz led the relatively early Chopin's piano concert to underline the characteristics of young people
and respected the immediacy and was almost on the border of playful improvisation.

Likewise it was easy to dance "polonaise", character of the third movement.

However, the central lyrical theme of the first movement, on the contrary,
with tremulousness and mysterious reverence to full expectations -
was ruminative, completely natural
and created a charming world of the young poet worthy of romantic legend.

Well, I wish for time to hear Blachacze in Prague.

Berlin Radio Orchestra's brass solos were not equally brilliant,
but soft cultivated strings were excellent accompaniments.

English for the whole review (machine-translated)

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