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Mar 22, 2009

Breathtakingly beautiful Beethoven in Warsaw

A Polish fan who attended the concert including Beethoven's concerto No.4 performed by Rafał Blechacz
in Warsaw on 19 and 20 of March, 2009
espressed her joy of the beautiful performances, saying

"Fantastic, wonderful, unforgettable evenings.
Rafał’s performance was breathtakingly beautiful,
followed by standing ovations and encores.

Orchestra accepted his own way of narration and wonderfully harmonized with him.

I have never heard the concerto by Beethoven so fantastically played.

Rafał looked very, happy, so did the audience".


"I saw Rafał was deep into the music.
He knows precisely every movement of orchestra and I think he played the concerto thoughtfully.

Sometimes he moved his head, looked at the orchestra and nodded for example at cellos sitting in front of him.

When Rafał played cadenza in the first movement,
maestro Wit stood over him, looked at piano smiling happily.

After the first movement finished, they two smiled to each other,
reminiscent of the Chopin competition.

And my long awaited second movement.
Entreaties of Orpheus of liberating his beloved Eurydice.

Beautiful and lyrical playing without sweetness culminating in one point;
only one note, only one sound by Rafał; sufficient for expressing its feeling. (Like in Mazurka op 17 no 4).
He was fantastic.

The third movement was very happy and wonderfully harmonized with orchestra.
Rafał played both hands with the same power, producing richness of sounds.

Somebody applauded a little after the first movement
but I didn't wonder because I also wanted to do the same during concerto;
my hands wanted to give bravo unintentionally.

Thanks Rafał, thanks A.Wit, thanks orchestra.

People were deeply moved;
I heard voices full of admiration and saw smiles of extreme happiness".

 Congratulations Rafał Blechacz and the audience in Warsaw!

Chopin Prelude op28-4
Beethoven sonata op2-2 3rd movement
Moszkowsky "enticelles" (March.20)

The program book said that Rafał Blechacz asigned all his honorarium for charity.

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