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Mar 26, 2009

Critics say Blechacz renews contract with DG

Rafał Blechacz has signed a new contract with Deutsche Grammophon for another three CDs,
according to Poland Radio 2 broadcast "Co słychać w muzyce?" at 18:00 on March 25.

In the radio program, music critics Jacek Hawryluk and Jacek Marczyński talked about music events in Polnd last week,
and this topic was mentioned.

They also said Blechacz's next CD "Chopin concertos" , the third one under the current contract with DG,
will be launched in October this year.

They also explained the reason why Blechacz's planned concerto
with A. Wit on March 21 in Warsaw was changed to March 19,
it was because Blechacz accepted the request to perform a recital in Amsterdam concertgebouw on March 22
instead of Sokolov who was ill.

(But I looked at the schedule at Concertgebouw and "Master piano series"
and found no change to the schedule about Sokolov,
although I had read Jacek Marczyński's article on Rzeczpospolita as of March 12
saying that Blechacz's going to perform in Amsterdam on March 22. )

↑The fact was that Blechacz did not perform in Amsterdam on March 22.
Confirmed in the morning of March 27 (JST).

Jacek Hawryluk appeared on the program "Co słychać - Rafał Blechacz" of TVP Kultura on March 24 and 25
to have an interview with Blechacz.
This TV program also broadcast fragments of Blechacz's concerto by Beethoven.


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