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Apr 15, 2009

Beethoven, Arrau, Chile and fan of Blechacz

Record Geijutsu (music) April 2009, music monthly in Japan
ran a special feature on the piano sonatas by Beethoven,
"Beethoven -- a wondrous universe of sonatas".

It reflects on life of the composer by following meticulously each of all 32 sonatas,
giving a thorough analysis on their positions in his entire portfolio, historical meaning and change of forms and background.

In addition, the representative recording was selected for each of 32 sonatas;

Ronald Brautigam: Sonata No.1,9
Rafał' Blechacz: Sonata No.2
Andras Schiff: No.7,8,14,19,21,32
Alfred Brendel: 10,13
Maurizio Pollini: 12,23
Claudio Arrau: No.18
Daniel Barenboim: No.22,27

Rafał Blechacz's recording of No.2 op.2-2 in 2008 was included in the list.

Kazunobu Yasuda, a critic & writer knowledgeable about classical composers writes;

"In his latest tour in Japan in Feb.2009, Rafał' Blechacz performed this work fine and excellently.
In this recording from DG, I was impressed by the great emphasis
that he laid on peculiar aspects of this sonata.

He charges ahead forthrightly in the first movement
as if to say that even the collapse could be an invaluable method of expression.
I got a thrill from the performance that only a highly skilled pianist would be capable of".

There is also name of Claudio Arrau, which reminded me of what a member of Berlin Radio Orchestra said
in her blog about Rafał Blechacz when the orchestra collaborated with him in December last year.

"....His way of expressing is equivalent to those great piano masters in their seventies and eighties.
I felt as if I were listening to the interpretations of Claudio Arrau or Dinu Lipatti in their golden days...."

Also, my thought went back to a young fan of Blechacz in Chile, the place of Arrau's birth.

She is Rousel. I began e-mailing with her earlier this year.
It’s quite rejoicing to know that there is someone who lives in the opposite side of the globe from Japan
and likes the same artist from Europe.

She says that it is not easy to get Rafał's CDs in her country,
so she sometimes finds his information on the web, and
she wants to attend Rafał's concert some day.

May her dream come true!

Muchas gracias, Rousel. Por favor, mantenga en contacto.

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