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Apr 20, 2009

He IS music - witness by one listener of Blehcacz

Excerpt from the blog written by a male who attended Blechacz's recital and was fascinated.
The date is Oct.31, 2006.

It comes from Dana's archive. (Thank you for the translation!) Dana says;
"This man is not a fan of classic music or an expert of it.
I think he received it in a natural way and these feelings are maybe more important".

Yes, very often, what occurs in people's hearts when listening to music is more important than the reviews written by experts.  Reaction from you, each of the audience, is telling the truth about the true music.

"I am one of few people who declared Rafal Blechacz is so phenomenal before he became famous.
I had an occasion of listening to his recital and the approach to play enchanted me.

At the beginning, he was very much concentrating and trying to move himself in mood of sadness,
then cheerful disposition, arousing excitement inside himself or joy.
It took about 2-3 minutes and it made me laugh as a pose of artist.

However, when he began playing my sneering smile disappeared from my face.

He didn't play music; he was music.

I heard in following works sadness, followed by melancholy, agitation and joy.
All the feelings which he mobilized in himself earlier.

His concert made a strong impression on me
because for the first time I saw so close how music is arising.
Music not as a reproduction but music that is arising; he was giving birth to music in that moment.

I am sure that he matched works up with moods
and if he wanted with the same notes, he could render the sound quite differently;
joy vs sadness, violence vs kindness.

It was sure he is the great artist.
I often talked about it so that many people after the winning thought that I am a big music lover".

Original blog is here. (Polish)
Machine translated English

Just now, I listened to the broadcast by Radio France of Blechacz's recital in Paris on March 27.
(From 14:30 on April 20 local time.)

It's great. I was frozen in front of PC.
Had an impression that the acoustic of Théâtre des Champs-Elysées fits well with the romantic pieces.

I was knocked out by Szymanowski's variations with the pensive sound reverberating.
I felt he was inspired and played it differently from other venues.
Esprit of Paris?
Also recollected the meditation that Blechacz did before playing this piece in other venues.

He was giving birth to the music - He really was.

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