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May 4, 2009

Previews on Blechacz's recital in Valencia May 5

Several websites in Spain posted a preview of Rafał Blechacz's recital scheduled on May 5, 2009.

The recital will be at Sala Rodrigo,
Palau de la Música, Valencia

Bach Concert italiano
Mozart Sonata KV 570
Szymanowski Variaciones op.3
Chopin Balada núm. 3
Chopin Nocturnos op.62
Chopin Mazurkas op. 17
Chopin Polonesa op.53

Preview by Palau de la Música (Spanish)
El país (The most circulated paper in Spain.)
In addition to Bio, introduction of the program, it says;
"The critic praised his refined technique and his "great maturity and expressive musicality"
despite his youth.

Another sites posting previews:
"Las Provincias -Valencia" front page as of May 5
And many more sites!

Similar contents: Bio and achievements after Chopin Competition.
You can get what is written by following proper nouns
such as DG, names of maestros, famous halls, festivals, etc...

La Vanguardia posted an article about the audience manner at Palau de la Música in Barcelona,
where Blechacz held a recital on April 28.

The author complains bad manners by some of the public.
Of course it is not possible to ban a cough but the author says
that there must be a monitoring system at the hall to ask a person
who cannot behave appropriately in the first half to leave the hall during the intermission.
(referring to using cell phone or alarm clock, for example)

He says;
"A test performed in the concert hall shows that a simple cough,
measured instrumentally, is equivalent to the intensity of a note "Mezzoforte" issued by a tuba".

He also says;
"The concert on April 28 to Palau was by a wonderful pianist Rafał Blechacz.
Some poorly educated offenders could ruin the concert,
the people who made all kinds of noises in the seats,
dropping items on the floor,etc ...
If they had been made out after the first part the concert,
we could have certainly got more in the second".

LaVanguardia (Catalan)

I think readers of this site Preludia have read the reviews which praise the excellent performance by Blechacz
at this recital in Barcelona on April 28.
If the description of the audience here is true, Blechacz should have an amazing concentration.

I sincerely hope that people behave themselves at any concerts.
Especially Blechacz's beautiful music deserves respectful quietness by the listeners.

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