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Jun 17, 2009

The first anniversary of this site "Preludia"

I started this site "Preludia" just a year ago, on June 17, 2008.

(Courtesy Kuma-san)

Thank you very much for visiting this site and reading stories for the past year.
Please receive the lovely flower with my heartfelt gratitude.

My special thanks go to those who support the site by giving feedbacks and contributing articles, news, etc...

Initially, I just wanted to have a place to show articles about Rafał Blechacz written in Japan,
because there is almost no information of Japan-origin about the artist available on the Internet.
I'm now very glad to see that the geographical coverage has expanded globally.

I'm a conference interpreter (English vs. Japanese) and usually work for international conferences, business meetings, etc... The industry types that I work for vary: IT (information technology), pharmaceutical, medical device, environment, financial, government offices, etc... To cover a wide range of areas, interpreters are always busy in preparing for a job assigned, looking for information via Internet to compensate the shortage of prep materials given by clients. We are used to finding relevant information from the net. This skill (or habit) is useful for me to maintain this blog. Through the blog, I get e-mails from various countries and I can feel that English is understood by many people around the world, although I should have known it through my job.

About 90 % of jobs for interpreters in Japan are English. Majority of foreigners who come to Japan for business are not native English speakers. (Simultaneous) interpretation service is provided only for official conferences, seminars. For post-conference events such as receptions, one-on-one meetings and press interviews, they talk directly in English (occasionally getting help from a stand-by interpreter).
I think it's good. People can talk more comfortably and understand better by talking directly to each other in the "common" language. Like the Internet, English is quite a convenient tool to connect people nowadays.

Discovering information about Rafał Blechacz to share findings here is quite fulfilling. Maintaining this blog allowed me to know that the music delivered by this celestial pianist deeply impresses many people of many different countries in the same manner, letting me believe that humans are given something common deep inside their souls to accept the universal values - beauty, compassion and gratitude, regardless of differences of, language, culture, age, gender...

It was not that I began writing an article on June 17 last year.
I had several basic articles prepared such as "Concert schedule", "About this site", and some reviews from Japan, Europe,
and let them go live on that day.
Therefore, some articles are dated before June 17.

Family and teachers related stories in "Family/teachers/colleague talk" series
received the most favorable reactions from readers.

Another articles that I like in the past year.

1 How are you Rafał Blechacz? Interview with Gazeta Pomorska. (Poland)

2 Blechacz dreams paragliding over Grand Canyon Interview with KlassikAkzente (Germany).

3 Music can be a sincere prayer. Interview with Przewodnik Katolicki. (Poland)

 And for me the most memorable webcast concerts in the past year were:

1 Saint-Saëns Concerto No.2
with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra directed by Andris Nelsons
Aug.21, 2008 @ Amsterdam Concertgebouw   ←"Tam było super, prawda?" (Great...!!)

2 Recital at Salzburg Mozarteum
Aug.15, 2008

3 Chipin Concerto No.2 with New York Philharmonic conducted by Marin Alsop
at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY
on Oct. 11, 2008

Thank you again for visiting♪ 
Please keep in touch!!

With Poznań Philharmonic, November 2007
Received platinum disc for CD "Chopin, The Complete Preludes",
the 1st recording from Deutsche Grammophon .

Thank you, Rafał Blechacz.
The joy you bring to audience with your artistry is much bigger than these bunches of flowers.

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