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Jun 4, 2009

Mozart sonata in C major k545 by Blechacz

Rafał Blechacz's recording of "sonatas -haydn, beethoven, mozart" has a version which includes one additional track.
You can buy it on-line; downloading the track for a charge.

The track is the 1st movement of Mozart sonata in C major k545 - allegro.
I knew about this track just recently when I chatted with a French fan of Blechacz.
With her help, I was able to get the track and listened to it. (Merci beaucoup.)

It was...
beautiful, purifying, clean, brilliant, super..!!

Surprising that this simple sonata can be played like this..

Comments by those who listened to this piece.

Fan A:
"I'm happy. What an exquisite touch he has!
I'm teary-eyed listening to his changing tones at the recapitulation of F Major after the Minor part.
In a recent posting on your blog, a Spanish fan said that his hands are like a pair of white doves
and I'm of the same view.
He is so sophisticated.
This piece is the evidence that he is a real talent".

Fan B:
"I love the sound of the piano, especially in his pianos (nuance, not instrument :p)"

Fan C:
"Rafał plays so beautifully that I could listen it non-stop.
Now I can understand beauty of Mozart's sonatas;
nobody played them in this way with a big joy, sensitivity, clean sound.
You can't believe that this sonata is played by the same pianist who plays eg. Szymanowski.
Rafał feels fantastically the composer and his epoch".

Fan D (←it's me.)
"It gives me the energy of youthfulness and hope when I'm tired of complicated stuff in life.
His music makes me believe that life is beautiful.
I like in particular the way he crisply plays graced notes on crescendo in measures 22 & 23".

You can buy the track from the relevant web site in your country.

Example: French site  
For demo listening, please click on the triangle on the 11th track.

This is one of US sites.
This site is for CD, not for downloading, but demo listening is available.
Please click on the green triangle.

In the same manner, his recording of "Chopin - The Complete Preludes" has a version with one additional track
which is Chopin's Mazurka op50-1.
Please check the relevant web site.

Example: French site.
For demo listening, please click on the triangle on the 29th track.

Note: DG says that "the bonus track is only available on iTunes.
There does not exist a physical CD that has the bonus track included",
according to the reply mail to an US resident for the question about the track.

I think (maybe) this reply doesn't always apply; it depends on markets.
e.g. I got the Mozart track from above-mentioned French site; and
The CD Preludes containing the bonus track (mazurka) exists in Japan market.

If you have a difficulty in getting these tracks, pleas e-mail me.
E-mail address is at About this site/contact.

Dnevnik, a Slovenian paper, reports that Blechacz will play Chopin concerto No.2
with The Orchester Musikkollegium Winterthur, the oldest orchestra in Switzerland
at national concert hall in Maribor, the 2nd largest city in Slovenia sometime in the next season.

Dnevnik (Slovenian)
Machine-translated English

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