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Jun 6, 2009

Pursuing dreams for next 20 years and beyond

The Times of London of June 4, 2009 had an insert about Poland "It began in Poland - Zaczelo sie w Polsce:
marking the 20th anniversary of the election of June 4, 1989 that ended communist rule".

The insert has an article titled "Global fame and fortune beckons for creative flyers",
where Agaton Kozinski lists talented young Poles making their names on the world stage.
Rafał Blechacz is included in the list.

"Another young Pole making waves is Rafał Blechacz.
The 24-year-old's victory in the 2005 Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition opened the doors
to the most prestigious concert halls in the world.
He released his first album in 2007".

Other names mentioned are:
Wilhelm Sasnal (painting and graphics), Tomasz Gudzowaty and Alex Lubomirski (photographic art),
Tomasz Baginski (short movie animation),
Adam Malysz, Agnieszka Radwanska, Robert Kubica, and Jerzy Dudek (sports),
Alicja Bachleda-Curus (a film-actress), Anja Rubik (a model)

(Thanks to Roman for the info.)

About a quarter of the world population were born after that turbulent year of 1989
when the first democratic election in east Europe was held in Poland, triggering political changes in the entire region.
20 years ago, Rafał Blechacz was three years old. He was about to show his talent.
How will be his next 20 years? (←The question that older people frequently ask.)

His recent answer from interview with Gazeta Pomorska:

"Ten years ago I said that if I can be in different places in the world for people to play the piano, I will be happy.
I now carry out this scenario.
If in 20 years I play for the audience, I hope that I will also be happy for that reason".

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