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Jul 2, 2009

it's a Beautiful Day!

On June 30, Rafał Blechacz was recording Chopin's Piano Concerto in F minor.
On July 2, at 20:15, he will perform/record Chopin's two Concertos for the public
in the GroteZaal (the Great Hall) of Concertgebouw.
Dress rehearsal at 9:30AM will be recorded too.

He is in a great form and very happy about the conductor, the orchestra
and about the instrument and how it is being prepared, tuned, voiced,
and cannot praise more **Michel Brandjes, the Concertgebouw piano technician.
(Progress reporting as of July 1. Thanks to Roman. )


** Michel Brandjes (sorry, this link is no longer available) says:
"Despite the way in which you tune, a great many factors influence the clarity and how the sound is perceived.
These factors involve the pianist’s touch, as well as the auditorium and the condition of the air.
In the Concertgebouw, the air is unstable during the first twelve minutes of a concert
due to the concertgoers who have just arrived.
Then everything calms down. I am not making that up, you can actually hear it."

In the concert on July 2, Blechacz's concertos will be preceded by overtures by Mozart,
according to the published concert program.
Shorter than twelve minutes, but I hope that each of the overtures will calm down the air before the turn of Blechacz.

Mozart - Overture "The Marriage of Figaro", K492
Chopin - Piano Concerto in F minor, op.21
Mozart - Overture "The Abduction from the Seraglio", K384
Chopin - Piano Concerto in E minor, op.11  

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