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Jul 4, 2009

Marvelous, sensitive, fascinating Blechacz

(1st posting as of July 4, at 0:50 CEST)

I received an e-mail from Jan, a fan from Holland who attended the concert at Amsterdam Concertgebouw
on July 2 when Rafał Blechacz played Chopin’s two piano concertos.

What Jan writes is so moving and vividly describes how marvelous Blechacz’s interpretation was
and how it deeply impressed the audience.
So let me post the letter as it is. (Is it all right, Jan?)

I believe that those who were there on July 2 were really fortunate.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Jan for giving me such a sincere description of the beautiful experience.


"The concert of Rafał was marvelous, I can confirm the reactions you already got
during the concert and directly after, as to see on the website.
You have really very good and narrow contacts in the direct environment of Rafał's concerts.

My sister was really impressed again.
She did know Rafał from the Serie Meesterpiansten 2007 and this time with the RCO it was fantastic.
She is very grateful for the opportunity you gave to her.

Before the concert people were cued, waiting for the tiny change to get a card, if there were no-shows.
The hall was totally full booked.

At the last note at the end of the piano concerto nr 1 I have seen a Japanese man jumping from his chair
applauding with his hands above his head and shouting bravo's:
he was one of many.

An admirer (woman) had already a big bush of flowers with her before the concert began,
she swiftly went to Rafał at the end in order to hand over the flowers,
and Rafał was very pleased.
(Could that be Dana?)

The Mazurka was played very sensitive;
the audience was very very quiet
and at the end it lasted a long time before applause was breaking the fascination of a marvelous interpretation.

I wonder how intense, sensitive and fascinating Rafał will perform a piece
like the Berceuse (op.57) of Chopin  as an encore".


I cannot agree more with him about "Berceuse".

I received a nice e-mail from Jan's sister, too. Thanks!!

Jan attended Blechacz's recitals in Holland in April this year.

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