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Aug 19, 2009

You can hear fragments of Blechacz new CD

Deutsche Grammophon's site for Rafał Blechacz "Chopin The Piano Concertos"
gives a demo listening.

You can listen to parts of Concertos in E minor (1st & 3rd movement)
and F minor (1st & 3rd movements).

About four minutes for each, meaning that 1st of E minor has very short segment of piano.

My deepest thanks to Ms.M and Ms.S...for the info.

All that were described by Blechacz and reviewers proved to be true.
Aside from his unbelievably intoxicatingly beautiful piano sound, what a harmony between the soloist and the orchestra in timber, granularity, nature, rhythm….everything! Symbiotic music as was described by Peter van der Linton of Trouw, Amsterdam.
Wind instruments are also intoxicating.
My heart is full.

(From those who listened to the fragments.- Thanks for e-mailing me.)
** I was especially impressed by the concerto in F minor. What a maturity he has attained!
How in the world can he produce such serene and crystal sound?
Collaborating with the good orchestra and maestro in the concert hall of good acoustics is NOT enough to generate that sound.
It is made possible only by the Rafał Power. I'm in the Rafał World!
Rafał The Magic!
I cannot wait for the release of the CD. (Rafał music lover A)

**Wow. It's fantastic! During the 1st movement of 2nd concerto, I was smiling without realizing that...
and I couldn't stop smiling.
Each note was more beautiful than other, and it was my favorite movement which was available...
The 3rd movement of the 1st was very energetic and pleasant !
I'm really, really happy. It is more beautiful, more magical than I thought.
Rafał's genius.
I can't wait for buying it, but in my country, it will be available only in February or March...
So I will be patient ! (Rafał music lover B)

**I heard it non-stop and Rafał's playing is ASTOUNDING!!!.
He plays not only like Chopin but like young Chopin…I can hear details.

Once Prof. Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń (in Duszniki Zdrój) said,
" I am interested in how he will play when he turns 50 years old if he already plays so beautifully now".

I ask how he will play after next four years if he has made so huge progress in the recent four years.
(Rafał Music lover C)

4th version of DG page for "Chopin The Piano Concertos".

Universal Music Japan made an official announcement of the release of the new CD.
The new CD will be launched in Japan on October 7, 2009.

Universal Japan says that the CD is in commemoration of the 200th birthday of Chopin and
publicizes the new CD as "live performance" of one concert in July,
in which the artist performed both of the concertos.

Moje Miasto Bydgoszcz (Polish) introduces the new CD.
(What is written is already well known.)

(From the author of this website)
Thank you for visiting this website "Preludia."
For a personal reason, I cannot update this website for the next one to two weeks.
Sorry for that but I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

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