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Sep 15, 2009

Blechacz congratulates DG's 111 years (revised)

Universal Music Germany posted Rafał Blechacz's congratulatory remarks to Deutsche Grammophon for the label's 111 years' history.

I found that his message I saw on DG's website is not a complete one.
The following is the full text (I suppose) that Blechacz offered for the label.

I hope that DGs's website administrator will be aware that its posting at DG site has missed the first part of Blechacz's remarks and Martin Lovett's greeting is mixed with Blechacz's.

(↑The Blechacz's greeting was corrected and now there is no missed part. But the other person's greeting is still hanging. as of Sept.17)

"My first contact with Deutsche Grammophon was a Christmas present I received 18 years ago: Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony, with Leonard Bernstein conducting the Vienna Philharmonic.

I already had a pretty big classical collection when I was a first-year music student, and I soon realized that the recordings I chose and enjoyed listening to most often had a yellow cartouche.

That logo told me to expect the highest artistic quality, to expect excitement and emotion from the music on those yellow-labelled records.

I am happy and grateful to be one of the Deutsche Grammophon artists celebrating 111 years of its history.
This 3-digit number is a triple confirmation of the company’s fidelity to classical music,
to its professionalism,
and to its willingness to share the beauty of art with millions of music lovers all around the world.

I also firmly believe that Deutsche Grammophon’s respect for tradition and never-ending quest for perfection
will ensure that these words are still true 111 years from now.

Rafał Blechacz "

DG released a special 6-CD box of 111 tracks to represent its 111 year-history, which includes Blechacz's Chopin Prelude G-major.
Blechacz's Prelude is at 8th track of CD 1.

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