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Sep 5, 2009

Blechacz interviewed before CD release (Poland)

Rafał Blechacz's interview just before the release of his new CD "Chopin The Piano Concertos" was posted
on as of Sept.4.

He talks about audiences, instruments with words of admiration for the tuner in Amsterdam,
choice of orchestra and maestro, his management in 12 countries,
plans for Chopin year & Liszt year (2011), how he prepares repertoire
and study of philosophy (axiology).

First Blechacz characterizes audiences in different countries; Japan with the audience reacting very emotionally and joyfully, he has a fan-club, who follows him to all his concerts in Japan, some also traveling for him to Europe. Audience in Germany is his favorite, listening to concerts with great reverence and concentration. He says Germany is a unique country of music with many great halls and people coming to concerts dressed festively in order to experience something beautiful. Finally, he mentions about Holland whose great audience enthusiastic and quickly react and are very sophisticated, with a daily access to great bands, soloists and orchestras.

Blechacz says although he doesn’t travel with his instrument, like Krystian Zimerman, he’s heard Alfred Brendel traveled for many years not only with his piano, but with his tuner, who prepared the instrument for him before each concert. Also Maurizio Pollini was with two pianos, which are chosen depending on the acoustics of the hall and repertoire. Blechacz says that instruments may be different, even only with the Steinway and some well-known, prestigious halls’ pianos are very good, well-prepared and sometimes he has choice from two or even three instruments. One of the reasons he recorded the new CD of Chopin concertos at Amsterdam Concertgebouw was that he knew the instrument and the tuner there who prepares the mechanism suitable to a particular intonation or hall repertoire.

After talking about the orchestra and the maestro whom he collaborated with for the recording and how he manages his artistic activities through agencies in 12 countries, he mentioned about Chopin year 2010 when he will play in US, Europe and Japan and Liszt year 2011 which he will start in February and March with Concertos by Liszt with Philadelphia Orchestra directed by Charles Dutoit in US.

He then talked about how he prepares for concerts. Like other artists, he wants to have the “second ear” to be able to obtain ideas from others who are knowledgeable on the pieces he works on, e.g. Zimerman, Pollini or Maria Tipo. He is now working on pieces of Szymanowski and Debussy and when it’s done and he feels ready he might want to consult with other artists, but independence is quite important in this development.

About studying philosophy, he says that it should be a springboard to music, but the more he’s engaged in reading, especially in the field of axiology, it raises greater awareness of treating music and enriches his personality, and therefore interpretations. He is fascinated by the works by Roman Ingarden and Prof. Władysław Stróżewski.

English of the interview (machine-translated)
The English is understandable.

Please see his interview with Polish Radio 2 (1) and (2), as contents are similar to this interivew.

To Japanese readers:

↑ ....と思ったのですが、ポーランドのファンの方から「ラファウが日本のことを率先して話してるのに、なぜ?」とNGが出まして、それもそうだな、と思い、冒頭部分も追加しました。(9月6日追記)


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