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Sep 17, 2009

Review on Blechacz CD Chopin Concertos (Poland 2)

Review written by Jacek Marczyński, posted on Rzeczpospolita, Sept.16, 2009.

The Pole follows in the footsteps of masters
By Jacek Marczynski

Deutsche Grammophon heavily invests in the young Pole. And it believes in his talent, since the recording of Chopin's two concertos provided him with an excellent team. Rafał Blechacz is supported by the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, regarded as the best orchestra in the world ranking of the world's critics, published by the British magazine "Grammophone”.

Deutsche Grammophon also has in its catalog quite a fresh CD of Chopin's concertos performed by the biggest superstar on stages now in the world, Chinese Lang Lang. Specialists from the German company acknowledged, however, that the Pole could stand with him to the musical rivalry.

They are almost of the same age. Rafał Blechacz - born in 1985, Lang Lang - three years older. The recordings do not see, however, generational convergence. Chinese treated Chopin with youthful aggressiveness, while the Pole, expressively refers to the pianistic tradition. If we do not know who's playing, we recognize that we listen to the interpretation of one of the great virtuosos of the past.

Rafał Blechacz, however, does not copy anyone. His expertise enables him to sense the mysteries of Chopin's music, even those of the specific tempo. References to folk dances do not make him a problem. When in the final of concerto in F minor he plays with the rhythm of the mazurka, the piece seethes with joy, which contrasts notably with the nostalgic, beautifully performed Larghetto in the middle.

Blechacz is excellently prepared, but he doesn’t remind us of a student for the exam, his playing is characterized by the wonderful naturalness. He freely leads the narration, and we do not feel falsehood in what he has to convey. Today, when almost every pianist tries to - often by force - mark his individuality, he returned back to the talent for Chopin's music. And he won, because he is a hero of the album. Concertgebouw under the baton of maestro Jerzy Semkow sounds beautiful, but very dignified.

Another review written by ks. (Father) Arkadiusz Jędrasik posted on IAP and "Nasz Dziennik" 2009-09-17.

English (machine-translated)
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Part of the interview with Jacek Hawryluk has been posted on on Sept.16.
I think it comes from this interview.
(I've lost the original Polish article. Sorry!!)

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