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Sep 16, 2009

Review on Blechacz new CD Chopin Concertos(Poland) on September 16 posted a review on Rafał Blechacz's new album "Chopin The Piano Concertos"
written by Magdalena Talik
titled "Phenomenal recording of Chopin's concertos".

…Chopin piano concertos with the best orchestra in the world - the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam under the baton of Jerzy Semkow is a musical masterpiece, which can be seen on fewer discs.

With Chopin, Blechacz doesn’t try to polish up, infect impeccable technique to seduce the audience. On the contrary, he remains humble, while describing as always in all detail. So beautiful triumphs of ornamentation, such as those in the chronologically first (albeit the second as opus) Concerto in F minor, not admired for a long time. Not touching on the full power, but without aggression or abuse of any impact.

Piano sound is colored with youthful energy, which is hardly surprising, because Blechacz is much older than Chopin, at the time when the composer wrote the work. And growing in similar environments as the composer (loving family, attentive and sensitive teacher), Blechacz developed the sense of fraternity with Chopin, which is not found in many young pianists seeking for fame. Rafał remained delicate, full of subtleties, deep listening to the music, and absolutely devoted to it. So is the performance. He is pursuing Chopin's concertos with warmth and intimacy, as well as with a variety of characteristic of a youthful age.

Album opens with the Concerto in E minor, which the Pole has kept as repertoire ever since the Chopin Competition. Fans remember how great and beautiful he executed the final of this composition, which ultimately gave Blechacz victory. The album we get is a live recording, so it would seem more meaningful. What is the most amazing of the concertos? Above all, it is the sound of Chopin. It is the Polish sound, despite the fact that Jerzy Semkow directs the Dutch orchestra. But from what is white – was made lively feeling.

Recently, one of the leading Polish conductors spoke somewhat disparaging about Semkow, in a way to depreciate his achievements, because sometimes they lack the spectacular nature. He should listen to it – what an elegance, sophistication, in a perfectly straight-cut style of Chopin that Semkow conducted. And what a dialogue without words exists between him and Rafał Blechacz. How wide is the epic in phrase, but at the same time how warm, full of charm.

Blechacz and Semkow rise from here on the heights of joint music-making, even though you do not hear that any of them tried to achieve the effect that others will applaud. Perhaps thanks to unpretentious approach of this album, people naturally give ovation. With standing.

English of the review (machine-translated)

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