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Oct 26, 2009

A.Rozlach review/interview on Blechacz new CD

Adam Rozlach's program by Polish Radio 1 "KONCERT CHOPINOWSKI" on October 11
reviewed Chopin concerto in F minor by Rafał Blechacz from his new CD.

Dana listened to the program and provided the review by A.Rozlach in English.
A lot of thanks to Dana for her help.

Adam Rozlach's review on Chopin Concerto in E minor

First movement:
The beginning is lively enough- although the tone is lyrical as well as the sound.
The soloist begins plying beautifully and delicately.
He slows down and accelerates in an extraordinary, subtle way.
The gentlest places are simply at the limit of hearing but they are so soft so noble that they sound twice as interesting.

All is very distinct, harmonious, extraordinary.
The music sounds clear when Rafał goes forward, but in these lyrical parts he never forgets about the poetical reflection.
He plays with the musical figures.

The culmination of orchestra is quite restrained in the presence of the determined piano.
Maestro Semkow shows his majesty here. The reprise is again beautifully softened then develops by interesting contrasts of dynamics.

The first movement is very interesting. It leaves in memory very subtle touches and fantastic precision of technique in playing.

The second movement:
Larghetto is like a dream. Beautiful sound of piano spreads in space.
It is the art which Rafał Blechacz is impressing us. All in delicate frames, it is Chopin's magic.
The beautiful narration, the master articulation.
All is very interesting especially by music.

The third movement:
The calmest of all, stable.
French horn wakes us up by its phenomenal interpretation especially of the second signal, calling the rest of the orchestra to play with the pianist.

This CD is a musical tribute to Chopin for his 200 anniversary by our extremely talented pianist.
We are grateful to the pianist, listening to his interpretation gives a lot of joy to everybody.
(The end)

Twoja Muza posted a part of the text of interview that Rafał Blechacz gave in July shortly after he recorded Chopin's two concertos in Amsterdam.

The interview was broadcast by Polish Radio 1 hosted by Adam Rozlach.
After the broadcast, the outline of the interview was posted on this site Preludia,
thanks greatly to the contribution done by Dana♪ 

See the interview on Twoja Muza site (Polish).
The subtitle of the article is "Thank God, it's beautiful!"
The text covers about half of the entire interview.

English (machine-translated)
I believe the readers can understand what he says.

Yundi Li, the winner of 2000 Chopin Competition, will tour in Japan in April, 2010.
The concert management office:Japan Arts announced the schedule a few days ago.
It's "All Chopin Program".
Yundi will have eleven recitals nationwide from April 6 to April 25.
The schedule is very tough. He goes back and forth, between the north and south repeatedly and must travel a long distance every two days.
Shunan (near Fukuoka)→Sendai→Sasebo (2 hours from Fukuoka)→Sapporo→Tokyo→Osaka→Nagoya→Tokyo→Fukuoka→Mibu (100km from Tokyo)→Yokohama.
It's cruel to the artist!
I hope that more reasonable schedule will be set for Blechacz's Japan tour in October 2010.

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